[vhdl-200x] CFV to Approve Accellera VHDL TC & 1076 WG MOU

From: Bailey, Stephen <SBailey_at_.....>
Date: Tue Aug 09 2005 - 22:15:17 PDT
We have a motion by Peter Ashenden to approve the Memorandum of
Understanding of how the Accellera VHDL TC and the IEEE 1076 WG will
liaise with each other and avoid redundant effort.

Chuck Swart has seconded the motion.

Therefore, this is a call for vote on the motion.  The suspense date is
14 days from today (24 Aug 05 as it is already 10 Aug in many places of
the world).  Eligible voting members of the WG can be found at:
http://www.eda-twiki.org/vhdl-200x/1076_wg_roster_summary.htm.  Please click
on the "Voting Members" tab at the bottom.  (If you believe you are a
voting member of the WG but do not see your name on this list, please
send me an email (please do not reply-all, just me).

Remember, voting counts towards activity/participation in the WG to
retain voting membership status.


To approve the MoU (see attached):

_____ For

_____ Against

_____ Abstain

Stephen Bailey
Product Marketing Manager, ModelSim
Mentor Graphics
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720-494-1202 (office)
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