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Date: Thu Aug 04 2005 - 05:45:38 PDT
I've added the minutes of the meeting and added the final version of the
VHDL TC policies and procedures (VHDLTCOperatingPolicyFinal.doc).

 -- Lance Thompson

VHDL Technical Committee Meeting has been modified by Lance Thompson

Date:  Tuesday, 02 August 2005
Time:  11:00am - 01:00pm CT

Event Description:
tollfree: 877.421.0003
toll/international: 770.615.1374
passcode: 800962

Policies and Procedures
Memorandum of Understanding
Process and organization

Next Meeting:
   Thursday 8/4/05:   5-7 pm CDT.
                      6-8 pm EDT
                      3-5 pm PDT

   Policies and Procedures Review
   Ratification of Officers?
   Memo of Understanding (MOU) with IEEE 1076 WG
   How to handle donations:  FT, VHPI, PSL, ...
   Process and orgainization

Policies and Procedures Review
Motion Accept V3 Operating Guidelines (AccelleraOperatingPolicyV3.doc)
   Motion  Ali Azine
   2nd     John Ries
   Vote:   Passed by no objections

   What approval is required by NHLG(s)?
   Who actually sets milestones wrt deliverables?
     Is it done by the WG or by the NHLG?

Minor edit to document to remove TBD from date for enhancements
in Operating Guidelines
Motion to accept changes
   Motion  Erich
   2nd     Ali
   Vote:   Passed by no objections

Ratification of Officers?
   In the past Accellera WG have been identified by TCC chair.
   In IEEE WG had to ratify the officers.
   Defer to later date when have more information.

   Motion to table until understand what Accellera requires
   Motion  Erich
   2nd     Jim
   Vote:   Passed by no objections

Memo of Understanding (MOU) with IEEE 1076 WG
------------------------- -------------------------
   Discussion about what goes in the MOU and Erich M. volunteered
   to work on the document.

   Action Item:  Erich M.  Create updated MOU document to Lance

Process and Orgainization
   Motion to Adopt:  Accellera VHDL - Process and Organization.ppt
           the organization that was published on Accellera
           webpage July 24, 2005.
           Note, the document published on Accellera webpage on
           July 25, 2005 was an old document.
   Motion  Erich
   2nd     Jim and Steve
   Vote:   Passed by no objections

   Subcommittees:   Requirements,  Enhancements,  Review,  LRM

   Action Item:  Lance.  Setup reflectors for Subcommittee

   Action Item:  Group.  Join reflectors to indicate which groups
                 they are interested in participating

   Action Item:  Interested Leaders:  Contact Lance about the group
      If more than one person interested, subcommittee can decide.

LRM Subcommittee
   One individual or a subcommittee?

   Take detailed language design and create proposed edits.
   What funding is necessary and how do we fund it?

How to handle mature donations?
------------------ ------------------
   Go to requirements group for approval and prioritization.
   Maturity may be a factor in prioritization, but will not
   necessarily be the determining factor in prioritization.

Agenda item for next meeting:
------------------ ------------------
   Come up with initial budget for TC to achieve its goals
   within the next year.

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