FW: [vhdl-200x] P1076 call for vote: ISAC difficult issues

From: Peter Ashenden <peter_at_.....>
Date: Mon May 16 2005 - 17:45:45 PDT
Dear colleagues,

A reminder to those who have not yet voted...

This is a call for vote from IEEE P1076 WG members on the third group of
ISAC issues listed below.  The ISAC has analyzed the issues and made
recommendations for interpretation of the IEEE 1076-2002 standard and for
future revisions of the standard.  This vote is for approval of the ISAC

Please note that, in some cases, a recommendation may be to reject a
request.  In that case, a vote to approve the recommendation means rejecting
the request, whereas a negative vote means reconsidering the request. Please
take care with the logical sense of your vote in such cases.

Also note that some of the issues do not specify detailed LRM edits to
implement a change.  The intention is that the detailed changes be specified
in a Language Change Specification (LCS) document that will be voted on
separately.  The intent of this vote is to determine whether such an LCS is

Only votes of eligible voters will be counted.  Votes from ineligible voters
will be recorded for information and for adding to your "last 2 or 3"
participation count.  I will acknowledge each vote received and indicate
whether it was counted or not.

Please forward votes to me by email (eg, by replying to this message) by 5pm
US-PDT, Wednesday 18 May, 2005.

The issues to vote on are those listed at


For each issue, would you please vote one of: approve, negative with
comments, negative with no comments, or abstain.  You may also provide
informative comments with a vote to approve a recommendation.  Please use
the form below.  Thank you.


Peter Ashenden
P1076 Technical Editor

Issue      Approve       Negative       Negative      Abstain
                         with comment   no comment

2004       ____          ____            ____         ____


2013       ____          ____            ____         ____


2032       ____          ____            ____         ____


2042       ____          ____            ____         ____


2045       ____          ____            ____         ____


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