[vhdl-200x] Reminder: Call for nominations for P1076.1 VHDL-AMS officers

From: Peter Ashenden <peter@ashenden.com.au>
Date: Fri Oct 29 2004 - 16:52:55 PDT

Dear colleagues,

This is a reminder that nominations for Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary of
the P1076.1 VDL-AMS WG are open.

Nominees for Chair and Vice-Chair must be members of IEEE or an IEEE
Society, members of IEEE-SA, and members of DASC. Nominees for Secretary
must be members of DASC. Nominees can accept nomination for at most one of
the positions. I will contact nominees to verify their acceptance.

Would you please forward nominations to me by email
(mailto:peter@ashenden.com.au) by 5pm US-PDT Tuesday, 2 November 2004.

(Note correction - the previous call erroneously said 22-Nov.)

Thank you.

Best regards,

Peter Ashenden

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