[vhdl-200x] Today's FT Meeting

From: Bailey, Stephen <SBailey@model.com>
Date: Mon Aug 16 2004 - 13:13:33 PDT

The agenda for today's meeting is:

IP encryption (if Deepak or Ajay is in attendance)
FT10A N-nary expressions
FT10B Conditional and selected sequential assignments
Type Generics (if Peter is in attendance)
FT7 Methodology for hierarchical reference
FT5 to_string
FT8 hwrite, hread

This agenda is re-ordered according to Jim's recommendation as neither he
nor Dave Bishop will be in attendance today. Therefore, we are deferring,
as much as possible, items FT1-7 as possible.

Telecon is the same:

303-928-2600 (intl)

Talk to you soon.

Stephen Bailey
Product Marketing Manager, ModelSim
Mentor Graphics
303-775-1655 (mobile, preferred)
720-494-1202 (office)
www.model.com <www.model.com>
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