[vhdl-200x] Results of 1076.2/1076 Merger Vote

From: Bailey, Stephen <SBailey@model.com>
Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 13:47:55 PDT

The motion to merge 1076.2 into 1076's scope passed 18-0. (There are 28 voting members, not counting the chair.) A new PAR will be constructed and distributed for review and comment prior to submitting it to DASC and up the IEEE hierarchy for approval.

The following affirmitive votes were recorded:
Peter Ashenden
J. Bhasker
Tim Davis
Doug Dunlop
Evan Lavelle
Jay Lawrence
Jim Lewis
Bert Molenkamp
Robert Myers
Deepak Pant
John Ries
Wolfgang Roethig
Tim Schneider
John Shields
Chuck Swart
Scott Thibault
Ajayharsh Varikat
Alain Vachoux

The following negative votes were recorded:

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