RE: [vhdl-200x] Revised white paper on type genericity

From: Bailey, Stephen <>
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 23:30:21 PDT


I'm also concerned that signal assignment is not one of the operators included. Except for access and protected types, there should be no problem with signal assignment. But, maybe it isn't needed.

Bhasker, since this proposal is intended to address the immediate needs in the testbench and verification area (container objects proposals), can you comment on whether signal assignment would be needed?

-Steve Bailey

> ... sounds like very good stuff, but I don't understand the
> need for this restriction (section 6 Formal Generic Types,
> first paragraph):
> An interface type declaration defines a formal generic
> type that can denote any type. The generic unit can only
> assume that operations available for all types are
> applicable, namely, variable assignment, equality and
> inequality operations.
> Presumably an object of the generic type can be passed as
> an actual parameter to a subprogram? In which case, why
> not allow it to appear as an operand in an infix
> expression?
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