[vhdl-200x] Result of 1076/1164 Merger Vote (for the 1076 WG)

From: Bailey, Stephen <SBailey@model.com>
Date: Thu Mar 11 2004 - 21:35:32 PST

The vote to merge 1076 and 1164 WGs passed with no dissension on the 1076 WG side of things. The 1164 WG is currently undergoing the same vote on their side and it looks like their vote will also pass. If the 1164 vote passes, then the 1076 revision PAR which is planned to replace the 1076b amendment PAR will include the 1164 packages as part of its scope.

Similarly, there is a need to vote on the merger of 1604 with 1076 (this is the library IEEE Working Group). I will start a new vote on that issue in a separate email.

Please note that the WG requires participation to maintain voting membership. I am keeping track of everyone who responds to call for votes. I have the action item of documenting the WG roster (both voting and observing members). This roster is in development and will be published shortly for comment correction.

Here's the results of the vote:

17 Yeas
0 Neas

Voting Members Voting Affirmitive (these votes officially count):
Tim Schneider
Doug Dunlop
Serafin Perez Lopez
Bert Molenkamp
Chuck Swart
Jim Lewis
Wolfgang Roethig
Evan Lavelle
John Ries
J. Bhasker
Keith Gover
Scott Thibault
Robert Myers
Dennis Brophy
John Shields
Michael McNamara
Peter Ashenden

Non voting members voting affirmitive (votes do not officially count):
Francesco Sforza (Not a DASC member, see www.dasc.org to join DASC)
Richard Wallace (Not a DASC member, see www.dasc.org to join DASC)
Tim Davis (Not a DASC member, see www.dasc.org to join DASC)

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