[vhdl-200x] Minutes of VASG (VHDL-200x) Meeting at FDL, Frankfurt, Germany 23 Sep 03

Subject: [vhdl-200x] Minutes of VASG (VHDL-200x) Meeting at FDL, Frankfurt, Germany 23 Sep 03
From: Bailey, Stephen (SBailey@model.com)
Date: Tue Oct 07 2003 - 09:53:26 PDT

I have placed the presentation used at the meeting at www.eda.org/vhdl-200x. (I also added PPT and PDF copies of the slides used at the DAC meeting.)

John Willis
Peter Ashenden
Enrst Christian
Peter Flake
Wolfgang Fischer
Stephen Bailey


Chair voiced disappointment that the meeting did not attract more attendees from Europe as that was the goal. FDL is unlikely to be used as a venue for future WG meetings do to the poor attendance.

The chair went through the presentation material to bring all up-to-date with VHDL-200x activities.

John Willis and Peter Ashenden agreed to work towards a proposal for type genericity that could be used as the basis for many of the Testbench & Verification functional team's proposed capabilities.
(Since the meeting, Peter has distributed a proposal for review and comment to the TBV and DTA functional teams.)

PAR Status: The chair took the action item to research the current PAR status for the WG.
Current PAR submitted 9 Sep 2002.
Scope of PAR is limited to VHPI.
Therefore, any VHDL-200x revisions would require either a separate PAR or a new PAR to replace the existing PAR.
Will make determination for the need of a revised PAR or separate PAR early next year as VHPI will not be ready to ballot until end of 1Q04 or 2Q (see item below).

Paul Menchini's career change has forced him to renege on his intention to complete the VHPI LRM integration work. Francoise Martinolle and Peter Ashenden transferring the remaining LRM editing work to Peter. Accellera funding is in place and the contract formalities with Paul will be terminated in favor of a new contract with Peter.

The change of editors has caused the schedule to slip. Peter estimates that the editing work will be finished by March 2004.

Peter requested copies of the donation letters from Mentor Graphics and Cadence for their donations of SignalSpy / hierarchical reference technology and capabilities. The chair will send electronic copies, faxes or hardcopies of the letters to Peter.

Asynchronous functional team:
The chair has requested and John Willis has agreed to provide a list of asynchronous modeling requirements.

A request was made that a short alias be defined for std_logic_1164 types and subprograms. Peter, in his role as 1164 WG chair, will address the request.

IEEE SA/DASC Organization:
The Working Group needs to elect a vice chair. If anyone is interested in the vice chair position (or would like to nominate someone), please send me an email by 31 October. We will then conduct an election for the vice chair position in early November.

Stephen Bailey
TME, Mentor Graphic's Model Technology Group
303-775-1655 (mobile, preferred)
720-494-1202 (office)

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