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Subject: RE: Test #2
From: Dennis Brophy (
Date: Tue Jan 07 2003 - 10:52:34 PST

Got it.

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Subject: Test #2

Apparently, Paul was the only one who received the previous test message.
No doubt because he is a co-adiministrator of the list / sysop.
Anyway, I've added Jim Lewis, Dennis Brophy, Alex Zamfirescu and Paul
Menchini to the email list. If you get this email, please reply to the list
( <> ) so I can verify that the
restrict post settings are working properly for all. (Of course this means
that everyone will see all the replies, but fortunately the list is still
I used the email address from the previously distributed spreadsheet to
subscribe you. You are welcome to subscribe additional addresses (and
unsubscribe the address I had used). Just send the (un)subscribe email to <> for the vhdl-200x list.
Paul Menchini: <>
Dennis Brophy: <>
Jim Lewis: <>
Alex Zamfirescu: <>
After the list is proved to be working, I will subscribe the other
"invitees" to the list prior to sending out a broad announcement. Until you
see that announcement/invitation, the list will remain limited to our small
Stephen Bailey
Staff Corporate Applications Engineer, VHDL Simulation
Synopsys Inc. <>
303-775-1655 (voice/mobile)
650-584-4893 (corporate voice mail)
Read Verification Avenue: <>

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