Updated Messaging Chapter

From: <stefan@amiq.com>
Date: Mon Apr 28 2014 - 06:42:23 PDT
Hello Yuri,

       I attach the document containing changes I made to Messages  
chapter so you can merge it with the changes you already did. It is  
mostly the SDM Actions section that is new.

       Since Messages are related to transaction recording, I started  
writing 3 new sections that I will send out as separate documents:
- recording_config API (section 19.6.1, e LRM): can be inserted under  
the Messages chapter or as a section of a predefined types chapter
- any_unit messaging API (section 19.6.2, e LRM): can be included  
under any_unit predefined API
- any_struct messaging API (section 19.6.3, e LRM): can be included  
under any_struct predefined API

       There are a number of questions that pop-up:
*) Where should the recording_config section be included: under  
Messages -OR- under Predefined Types chapter? I would opt for the  

*) Where should the any_unit/any_struct messaging API sit: under the  
Messages chapter -OR- under the any_unit/any_struct dedicated chapter?  
I would opt for the second.

*) Should predefined types (eg message_manager, recording_config) be  
part of a library called std_e library, and somehow a separate section  
of the language standard?
std_e library would be a set of header files to assure the compatibility.

*) Yuri: do you want me to send you also a clean version of the  
documents (eg without changes tracking)? Is the current formatting  
good enough? .

Kind Regards,

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