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  • Who Updates: OPEN, JimLewis
  • Date Proposed: 2012-08-17
  • Date Last Updated: 2012-08-17
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  • Focus: Testbench


Update std_logic_arith to simplify interfacing with numeric_std

Suggested during February 16, 2012

  • First step, propose change to vendor owner.
  • If that does not take, propose adoption by IEEE
  • Propose that it is donated to IEEE or alternately propose that vendor makes a change

Related and/or Competing Issues: No


Proposal Part 1: Alias types unsigned and signed to numeric_std

Purpose: Simplify interfacing between designs using std_logic_arith and numeric_std.

Change the definition of std_logic_arith.unsigned and std_logic_arith.signed to:

alias unsigned is numeric_std.unsigned ; 
alias signed is numeric_std.signed ;

Proposal Part 2: Alias all common subprograms

Pro: Simplify transition to numeric_std 
Con: Behavior is slightly different. 
       Particularly wrt warnings vs errors. 
       Probably too much.


General Comments

Why bother? Both of the packages have been around for 20+ years and they both work how they work. Part 2 of the proposal indicates that it will break existing code in certain situations. The benefit listed on this proposal is to "Simplify interfacing between designs using std_logic_arith and numeric_std" but no actual examples of such simplifications are provided. -- KevinJennings - 2014-12-08


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-- JimLewis - 2014-12-04

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