Language Change Specification for Generate Statement Alternate Path Names

LCS Number: LCS-2016-I15a
Version: 1 {7-Mar-2017}
Date: 7-Mar-2017
Status: Voting
Author: Jim Lewis
Email: Main.JimLewis
Source Doc: Generate Statement Alternate PathName
Summary: PATH_NAME and INSTANCE_NAME, and Generate Statement Alternate labels

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  1. Jim Lewis - 2017-03-07 ver 1



Revision Notes

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Reviewing Notes

This is a discenting opinion from the proposal.

1) the definition of what is and what is not included in an INSTANCE_NAME or PATH_NAME is defined in the sections that define the corresponding attributes.

2) INSTANCE_NAME or PATH_NAME include labels of all forms including loop index values.

Due to 1 above, I conclude that alternative labels are not currently defined for INSTANCE_NAME or PATH_NAME. Due to 2 above, I concude that it is simply an oversight.

The following LCS corrects this.

Details of Language Change

16.2.5 Predefined attributes of named entities

[EDIT BNF for generate label on page 249, E'INSTANCE_NAME ]

    generate_label ::= generate_label [ ( generate_alternative_literal literal ) ]
    generate_alternative_literal ::= literal | alternative_label

[EDIT 6th paragraph on page 250, E'INSTANCE_NAME ]

The literal in a generate label is required if the label denotes a for generate statement; the literal shall denote one of the values of the generate parameter.

For a for generate statement, the generate alternative literal is required and denotes the value of the generate parameter. For an if generate statement, the generate alternative literal is required if the corresponding if branch has an alternative label. For a case generate statement, the generate alternative literal is required if the corresponding case generate alternative has an alternative label.


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