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Authors Ken Campbell
Date Proposed* 2020-02-03
Last Updated 20yy-mm-dd
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It is proposed that requirement numbers be added to 1076.

Current Situation

Currently the 1076 specification does not have any requirement numbers, but states many features in the text of the document. In order to ensure that all points are covered an implementor has to create thier own linking system to enable coverage to be determined.


Add Requirement numbers to the document to facilitate linking and specific reference-able items.

Use Cases

Add some use cases.

The requirements would be used by implementors, those interested in knowing they covered everything.

Provides specific references to definitions of features and functionality. This enables users to specifically state items when refering to the LRM.

Implementation details

How is it implemented?

This would be implemented as additional text in the LRM.

Code Examples

Give code examples.

Arguments FOR

Arguments AGAINST

-- Main.JimLewis - 2020-03-03

This adds no capability to the language. It simply adds labeling for an implementer. To be meaningful, it would need to be maintained for all future VHDL revisions. This add overhead to the task of maintaining the language and we would need a commitment from future people editing the language to maintain this. I for one am not excited about doing additional extra work - that benefits me how?

General Comments

Proposal Name

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