P1076 Minutes from December 3, 2020


  • Peter Flake, Unai Martinez-Corral, Tristan Gingold, Jim Lewis

Meeting Discussion

  • DPI
    • Registration of foreign subprograms
      • Can allow function, pointer to function or any of them.
      • Should not require the (dummy) VHDL body of foreign functions.
      • Can not require the definition of foreign functions, unless actually used.
    • Calling convention
      • Keyword IMPORT_C or VFFI.
      • Allow multiple registrations for different tools.
    • Deferred definition of external subprograms
      • Allow prototype ?
      • Name mangling ?
    • Interface modes and classes
      • in, out, inout
      • constant, variable, signal
      • support wait ?
    • Types
      • fat pointer for unconstrained arrays
      • fat pointer for accesses to unconstrained arrays
        • Note: in GHDL fields data and bounds/range are in a different order within the struct. That's because of slices.
      • Memory layout
        • to vs downto
        • bit ordering within bytes: reverseBitsInBytes
          • vfficharArr2bitArr, vffibitArr2charArr
        • multidimensional arrays

Next Meeting

  • December 17 at 11 am


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