P1076 February 23, 2017 Meeting Minutes


  • Lieven Lemiengre, Patrick Lehmann, Peter Flake, Rob Gaddi, Jim Lewis


Meeting Discussion

  • Work through list of LCS's to approve.
  • Target goal finish LCS's by mid February and finish review by March 1
  • Approve LCS:
  • Discussion LCS:
    • 94: expression vs. conditional_expression vs conditional_or_unaffected_expression
      • conditional_expression would result in analysis issues
      • conditional_or_unaffected_expression -
        • Peter not so comfortable with unaffected designating do not return. Jim also
        • Rob likes it.
    • 002:
      • Looked at Strict (current), Less Strict (previous), and Laizee Faire (allow same as procedures)
    • 026a
      • Patrick resolved to create 26b which allows int32 and int64
    • 061
      • 'warning - message, do not abort analysis
      • 'error - message + aborts analysis
      • Talked about current issues.

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes and Decisions by Attendees

Rob, Lieven, All

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes and Decisions by non-attendees

  • Agree with approval of LCS 018d, 059, 059a, 082, 047, 049.
  • Disagree with approval of LCS 014a. Version 3 was created 2 days before and introduced a large change. Version 3 has only one yes vote, and I suspect that no one else has reviewed it.
  • Regarding LCS 094. The proposed extended use case could also be achieved with multiple return statements, see my comment from 2017-02-24 there.

-- MartinZabel - 2017-02-24

Next Meeting: Thursday March 2, 2017, 9:00 am Pacific

Previous Meeting: Thursday February 16, 2017

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