P1076 January 16, 2014 Meeting Minutes



Action Item Review

  • Cliff: 276: '_' at the end of hex and octal reads
    • Current implementation does not read training '_'
    • Will write up proposal
  • Cliff: 113: IR 2075/2092 impacts closely related array type conversions
    • Review with John Ries, was a change made in 2008?
  • Ryan: 292 Configure Architecture of Direct Entity Instantiation.
  • Need Owner
    • 207: Stop in environment package. Return values ambigous as to what can be done with them.
      • Reserve a range for the LRM uses?
      • Place requirement on implementation to make the return value available some how.
    • 139: PSL_Declaration should not be in Declaration Find Owner
  • Steven Dovich: 218: Review and determine if it will be relevant given P1735 changes
  • Steven Dovich: 149: IP protect
  • Steven: 125: vhpiCbValueChange trigger event specification has redundancy (talk to Peter and see if it was done).
  • Done Jim: 188: Explicitly declared terminals and quantities not defined in LRM AI Jim Forward to 1076.1 working group
  • Done Jim: Annotated VHDL-2008. See Private Documents
  • Peter: 104: String representation not correct for enums which are extended identifiers
    • Peter did write up in bugzilla will migrate to a proposal.
  • David Bishop
    • 172 (lost) : Fixed point to_string error
    • 164 (lost) : Argument order: to_integer & to_real in float_generic_pkg
    • 161 (lost): Nit: Function declaration format
    • 160 (lost): ---
    • 158 (lost): logic operations and result sizing: fixed vs. float
    • 127: Read for Float

Review Bugzilla Issues

  • Jim 100 : for 1076.1: DOMAIN_TYPE missing in
  • 95- marked as invalid
    • Chucks concerns are that: A xnor B xnor C /= xnor(A,B,C).
    • And for xnor reduction operations, xnor A(2 downto 0) = not xor A(2 downto 0) and is not the same as A(2) xnor A(1) xnor A(0).
    • If one interprets xnor A(2 downto 0) as a 3 input xnor gate this exactly matches how hardware and Verilog works, and hence, the VHDL-2008 impementation is ok.
  • 83 Marked as fixed: LRM was fixed as described in Peter's last paragraph.
  • Next Item to review 66 or 297 or larger

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes:

  • Motion: Ryan 2nd: Peter

Next Meeting: Thursday January 30, 2014, 8 am Pacific

Previous Meeting: Thursday January 2, 2014

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