P1076 July 18, 2013 Meeting Minutes



Conditional Expressions - FT10A

  • For Initializers: current conditional syntax "when" would be sufficient
  • For General expressions: "when" has conflicts with waveforms in signal assignments.
  • Could have a general expression usiing "when" if required parentheses.
  • Need proposal that covers initializers and also has possible extensions

Textio Missing Items

  • Base 10 write, read, to_string for bit vectors
  • Hex, octal, binary for integers

Work group terms and process

  • Current statuses are 'RFC' 'STABLE' 'REVIEW' 'RAW'.
    • What do they mean?
    • Do we need to define them?
    • How does a proposal progress?
    • RAW - initial development, may change frequently, comments welcome
    • RFC - draft, needs comments
    • REVIEW - requesting more formal review in working group meeting
    • STABLE - done
    • When does something move from RFC to REVIEW?
  • How do diverging ideas on proposals get handled?
    • Monolithic document preferred
    • When alternatives too long use linked document

Review of AI List

  • IEEE & Copyrights is closed
  • Peter & SCE-MII - will be reworking proposal based on meeting with them
  • Fork & Join

Action Items:

  • Jim: Update past lists
  • Add last updated field to collected requirements

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes:

  • Motion: Cliff 2nd: Peter

Next Meeting Date (proposed):

Thursday August 1, 8 am Pacific

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