P1076 February 21, 2013 Meeting Minutes



  • Review VHDL-2008-Performance remaining list items
  • Review VHDL-2008-MP remaining list items
  • Review Accellera TC remaining list items
  • See these items in the collected requirements list

Performance List

  • Perf 6: Remove deprecated constructs: Not practical. Reject
  • Perf 7: Clocks and Zero Delay ordering of signals. Reject

Accellera TC List

  • SAB 3 and 4 subsumed by Random Simulus proposal
  • SAB 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 subsumed by Functional Coverage proposal
  • SAB 15: Semaphore data structure. Implement in a library.
    • Provides: New(#keys), Get(#keys), Put(#keys), Try_Get(#keys)
    • Use Protected type is the key counter & implement the rest using regular functions and procedures.
    • try_get is a function, the others are procedures.
    • New returns the handle to the object - could be an integer index value
    • What do we need it for? Multiple items trying to use one resource. Software - network access to a printer
    • Typically only one key. Default for put and get is 1 key.
    • Waiting queue is first in, first out.
    • Should be deterministic.
  • Perf 9: Remove incremental port binding, groups, pulse rejection limit: reject
  • Perf 10: Remove guarded blocks and signals: reject
  • Env 2, 3: DPI Proposal
  • Env 1, 4: Foreign / Cross Language Model Instances
    • Type mapping per DPI proposal
    • Formalize what tools are already doing.
    • Action item: Jerry and Cliff to collaborate on this with Peter
    • What types need to be exchanged between SV and VHDL?
  • Env 6: Extended HW functions like DW (mux, decoders, adders). Do as libary.
  • Env 8: Macros
    • Can be very complicated. Esp for debuggers
    • In C a macro can replace the word "begin" with "{"
    • Macro is alot like a subprogram with anonymous types on the interface
  • Env 9: Conditional compilation: Have proposal without agreement on it.

Action Items:

  • Jerry, Cliff, Peter to collaborate on ENV 1, 4

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes:

  • Motion: Peter 2nd: Jerry

Next Meeting Date (proposed):

Thursday March 7, 8 am Pacific

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