P1076 August 1, 2013 Meeting Minutes



Math Package Bugs

  • Floating Point: Conversion to FP from Signed Fixed Point - to_float
    • Most negative signed fixed point does not get translated correctly - returns 0 instead
    • fixed on fphdl site
  • Fixed Point Package: Add_Carry procedure
    • For signed and unsigned fixed point, the carry out is wrong (returns wrong value)
    • Can do: (Carry_sl, A_sfixed) <= A_sfixed + 1 ;
  • Floating and Fixed Point Package: ?/=
    • Used not ?=
    • Instead of 'U' you get 'X'
  • Fixed Point Documentation
    • Sizing rules on fixed point reciprocal is incorrect. Code is correct
    • Updated on FPHDL page - see FAQ at bottom is a list of bugs and corrected documentation
  • fixed on fphdl site
  • Currently many vendors pulling files from FPHDL page
    • When vendors switch to using generic version, they are likely to pull the version from IEEE and have bugs.

Math Package Upgrades

  • IEEE 754/854 updates added 3 rounding routines
  • Decimal floating point within a binary number
    • binary floating point has rounding issues
    • .1 added to itself 10 times will yield a rounding error

New Proposals:

  • Generic Matrix Package - Ryan
    • Using packages with type generics
  • Arbitrary Precision Floating Point- Ryan
    • Action Item to Ryan to look into constraint methods.

Review of old lists

  • MP E2 - Eliminate passive statement restriction on entities
    • Like package/package body, may cause issues for encryption
    • May complicate analysis process.
    • Without having an architecture name, would cause issues for configurations, ...
      • Block statements require a name
    • Recommendation: Drop

New Items

  • Configure entity instances - AI: Andy Jones.

Action Items:

  • Action Item to Ryan to look into constraint methods for type real.

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes:

  • Motion: Peter 2nd:Ryan (2nd half) / David (first half)

Next Meeting Date (proposed):

Thursday August 29, 8 am Pacific

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