Electronic Design Processes 2003
April 13-15, 2003, Monterey Beach Hotel, Monterey, CA

The Electronic Design Processes (EDP) Workshop provides a forum for a cross-section of the design community to discuss state-of-the-art electronic design processes and CAD methodologies. As the requirements and complexities of electronic design increase, past ad hoc approaches to design processes are proving inadequate. The workshop focuses on the facilitation and improvement of the overall design process, rather than on the functions of the individual tools themselves. Topics include interactions among and between tools and designers, the infrastructures supporting these interactions, and the frameworks in which these interactions take place.


Steering Committee Juan-Antonio Carballo (IBM)
Aparna Dey (Synchronicity)
Steve Grout
Dwight Hill (Synopsys)
Andrew B. Kahng (UCSD)
José Augusto Lima (Univ. of Minho)
Stefanus Mantik (Cadence)
Gabe Moretti (EDTN)
Naresh Sehgal (Intel)
Gary Smith (Gartner/Dataquest)
General Chair Gary Smith, Gartner/Dataquest
Technical Program Chair Juan-Antonio Carballo, IBM Research
Publicity Chair Steve Grout

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