Re: [vhdl-200x] Semi-Complex SPI Use Case

From: Brent Hayhoe <>
Date: Sun Sep 13 2015 - 09:33:37 PDT
I've added some comments and questions to the SPI Use case example here:

As suggested by Rob during the last WG teleconference, I've added them in at the 
end of the document and tried linking them using TWiki anchors.

The format is as follows:


[[#<TWikiCommentAnchor>][Link to comment]]

Near the text that the comment refers to, add a return anchor followed by a link 
to the comment anchor itself at the bottom of the page in the new "Comments and 
Questions" section.

Then at the bottom of the page in the new section:


++++!! <TitleOfComment>



[[#<TWikiReturnAnchor>][Return to source text]]

First is the comment anchor itself followed by a comment title (with a double 
bang to blank it in the %TOC% section).

Next the comment/question text itself followed by a comment-plugin variable and 
then a link back to the original TWiki anchor in the text.

The comment-plugin variable inserts an edit box to simplify adding extra text to 
this comment thread. The variable can then be removed once the topic stabilizes.

Comments on whether you think this a good idea, improvements, etc., are welcomed.


On 10/08/2015 00:08, Brent Hayhoe wrote:
> Apologies, the address for the working page to add comments and questions in my
> last posting should have been this:
> On 10/08/2015 00:00, Brent Hayhoe wrote:
>> There is now a new proposal entry under the 'collected requirements' section,
>> intended to be the definitive *interface* requirement.
>> It is being generated via the working group teleconferences and its production
>> is currently ongoing.
>> The more astute of you will notice that all the old 'interface'/'directional
>> record' proposals have now been removed from the 'collected requirements' page.
>> They have not been deleted and the links to these subsumed requirements can be
>> found via the 'reference links' section of the new proposal:
>> If you are unable to attend the teleconferences but still wish to make comments
>> then you can include them via the requirements 'whiteboard' page here:



         Brent Hayhoe.

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