Re: [vhdl-200x] Modular types, alternative solutions

From: Jim Lewis <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 2014 - 09:42:01 PDT
Hi Hans,
> The only way to get 64 bits integer support is to have it in the standard. From what I understand very few engineers/companies asked for VHDL2008 and hence the uptake was rather slow. I guess 
> engineers don't appreciate the amount of maintenance their employer is paying or they simply are too busy.....
If that is truely the case, then we have a perception issue. Engineers simply are not in the practice of having to ask a vendor to implement new features of a standard for which the vendor makes a 
product.   From an engineers perspective, having to do that is silly.

So our job is to educate people that if they want the new language features, they have to make requests and file bug reports against the tools


Jim Lewis                        
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IEEE VHDL Working Group Chair
OSVVM, Chief Architect and Cofounder

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