Re: EXTERNAL: Re: [vhdl-200x] VHDL 2008 : std_logic_textio package

From: David Koontz <>
Date: Thu Sep 19 2013 - 17:57:36 PDT
On 20 Sep 2013, at 8:59 AM, "Jones, Andy D" <> wrote:

> This is what ‘work’ was created for in the first place! The units themselves should contain no dependency on what their own library is called.

I'd only take slight issue with this. The required implementation provided mechanism specified in 13.2 
Design libraries,  para 8 isn't constrained to allow users developing replacements for packages found in library IEEE to be able to  redirect library logical names in the implementation. 

Further it would require that any such referenced packages (in this case std_logic_1164) be analyzed into what ever working library is used for say developing future elaborations to std_logic_textio.

The issue again is not allowing the enclosure of developing standard packages as a domain solely controlled by tool vendors, IEEE being an OpenStand member ( ).

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