[vhdl-200x] open LRM issues

From: Shields, John <John_Shields@mentor.com>
Date: Mon Feb 06 2012 - 20:36:09 PST



I have a concern for this group. I raise it in part because it is fresh
in my mind. I brought an LRM issue to the group related to VHDL 2008
force recently. It is not been a topic for discussion. There is a
larger issue I want to discuss. There is no longer an ISAC, which was a
formal group that addressed LRM issues in between LRM revisions and
provided formal interpretations. It was very good service done for this
community, but the IEEE has pushed such work back to working groups and
LRM revisions. What is this group intending to do? What priority does
this task have relative to other work in this group?


We have a bugzilla system set up to record issues and there is a backlog
of reported issues. Working on these issues is a key aspect of a new
revision, but a long latency will lead the industry to make their own
decisions about LRM issues anyway. That will be a necessity and


Regards, John

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