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From: David G. Koontz <>
Date: Tue Mar 29 2011 - 06:41:56 PDT

On 29/03/11 4:52 AM, Jim Lewis wrote:
> I think we need to go back to our Ada roots as much as is practical.
> I do think protected types will probably result in VHDL OO in a
> having a different encapsulation syntax. It appears that Ada-2005 has
> made the Ada OO model similar to other OO languages.
> There is some good stuff on Ada at:

I like the bit about the root and the wikibook page is useful. It was also
mostly Ada-93 that implemented OO. VHDL's Ada roots are Ada83, without all
the OO. Ada has diverged from the common roots used for VHDL-87, which had
about 60 percent of the text in common with the first Ada manual, albeit
with section reordering.

The rationale, scope of the revision(s).


An HTML version of Ada83 LRM

This shows the syntax mapping between the Ada83 and VHDL87 with manual
section references in both:

Very High Speed Integrated Circuits (VHSIC) Hardware Description Language
(VHDL) Syntax and Semantics Summary
[PDF] from dtic.milMT Mills - 1991 -

In 1987 a paper was published

Translation of VHDL to Ada
CF Schaefer - Proceedings of the Joint Ada conference fifth national , 1987

I went through the first VHDL class at Steve Carlson's company and got a
copy of
VHDL: Hardware Description and Design by Lipsett, Schaefer and Ussery

which mentions the VHDL to ADA translator mentioned above as being the
first deliverable in 1987. I do recall talking to someone in the Air Force
about struggling with the tools on tapes before that, running on a main frame.

Makes you wonder if there's a solution there moving the standard version
pointers forward, translating and mixing a little Ada in. ;-)

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