Re: [vhdl-200x] VHDL enhancements wish list

From: Jim Lewis <>
Date: Mon Feb 21 2011 - 13:35:04 PST

>> From: Evan Lavelle Sent: Monday, February 21, 2011
>> ..
>> Might I suggest, respectfully or otherwise, that some of the discussion on this list might be better carried out on comp.lang.vhdl or comp.lang.verilog.
VHDL standards work needs to be discussed on an
officially designated working group reflector (which
happens to be this one at this time). This really is
about recording the discussion in one place without
having too much other noise.

> From Hans
> I can't agree more, there are a lot of very knowledgeable people on the comp.lang.vhdl newsgroup and I believe we are missing out on some good discussion points.
> The problem is how would be solve this, Cc comp.lang.vhdl?, advertise this mailing list periodically?, create a digest and post it on comp.lang.vhdl?, create an email reflector?, proactively invite
> people to this list?

With that in mind, I posted a meeting notice with invitation to
join the reflector to comp.lang.vhdl as well as to three of
the linked-in groups with VHDL in their name.

Perhaps someone would like to take over future publicity of
this sort? Something encouraging experienced VHDL people to
join in the discussion would be great.


Jim Lewis
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SynthWorks Design Inc. 
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