[vhdl-200x] 1076 Working Group Par Vote

From: Jim Lewis <Jim@synthworks.com>
Date: Thu Jan 06 2011 - 01:01:21 PST

This is to document the results of the VHDL/1076 study group
vote on group organization and the PAR.

Item 1: Working group organization.
Total votes:
   26 Individual
    5 Corporate
    3 Abstain

Item 2: 1076 PAR.
Total votes:
   31 Approve
    1 Negative
    2 Abstain

The study group has approved the working group to be
individual based membership and approved the PAR.
Detailed voting records are here:


Victor also requested that the study group further elaborate
on the purpose of the revision/PAR. To address this, I
requested that the study group to further elaborate
on the purpose to the par and specifically:
     What is intended by Verification enhancements?
      1) Create an API/interface/package that allows interfacing
         VHDL to SystemC and/or SystemVerilog/UVM
      2) It could also mean we implement full OO and UVM-like
         stuff in VHDL.

This email is at: http://www.eda-twiki.org/vhdl-200x/hm/1091.html

There are many in the study group who believe that creation of
direct C interface is a worthy task to do.
The study group had mixed opinions on things like OO/classes,
data structures (syntax or package based), functional coverage,
constrained random, and/or interfaces, so the
1076 working group will need to trade-off/explore what
to do about these if anything.

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