Re: [vhdl-200x] Call for Vote: VHDL + VHPI (P1076c-2006-D2.4a)]

From: John Shields <John_Shields_at_.....>
Date: Fri Jul 07 2006 - 16:13:28 PDT
Hi All,

Vote: negative


I am afraid I must vote negative, but there is no other reason than this 
technical error.  There is a problem that came up very late with 
vhpi_user.h file.  We declare the abstract type for characters, 
vphiCharT as char and it must be unsigned char to properly represent the 
VHDL character set.  A compiler warning:
   vhpi_def.c: In function `vhpi_is_printable':
   vhpi_def.c:19: warning: comparison is always true due to limited 
range of data type

led to this and we did not deliver this file until quite late. I 
discussed this with Peter Ashenden when I found it and we agreed that we 
should let it through Accellera and fix it in the IEEE.  So I did.  You 
know, at the time, we both thought it would be reviewed in the IEEE 
before any call for vote, but I appreciate how redundant that might now 
seem.  I never expected to first raise this issue in a vote. :(

The VHPI group should just be asked to propose the fix, just to make 
sure it ripples through the API correctly.

John Shields

Jim Lewis wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> This is a call for vote from IEEE P1076 WG members on the
> Accellera approved revision of VHDL that includes VHPI plus
> some ISAC revisions.  The purpose of this revision is to make
> VHPI available as a standard.  As such, it does not have
> the additional revisions that were just completed by the
> Accellera VHDL TC.  Those revisions will be put forth later
> (Q1 2007?).  This gives industry some time to tune up the
> revisions if necessary before they become an IEEE standard.
> This revision has been reviewed and approved by both the
> Accellera VHDL TC and the Accellera board.  We have a
> separate PAR for this work (P1076c).  Currently I am
> working on getting the ballot group formed.
> Approval in this case shall mean that we accept this revision
> to be the revision to send to IEEE for balloting.
> The draft is numbered 2.4a by the Accellera VHDL TC and is
> available at:
> Please forward votes to me by email (eg, by replying to this message) 
> by 5pm
> US-PDT, Friday July 28, 2006.
> Potential votes:  Approve, Negative with comment, Negative with no 
> comment, Abstain
> Vote:
> Comment:
> Best Regards,
> Jim Lewis
> VASG/ IEEE 1076 WG Chair
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