[vhdl-200x] Summary of Teleconferencing Costs

Subject: [vhdl-200x] Summary of Teleconferencing Costs
From: Pat Bryant (pkbryant2@attbi.com)
Date: Tue Feb 25 2003 - 17:43:14 PST


J. Bhasker asked me to post the results of some of my research
for Teleconferencing. This was part of an effort in the 1076.6 Working
Group (SIWG). We did not use this information when Cadence
offered us to use there Teleconferencing System.

Anyway, here is the information. If you just want a quick summary
go to Table 1. If you want the full details, you can read as much as
you would like.

Patrick [Pat] Bryant

Summary of Teleconferencing Costs

Below I have listed out the specifics concerning
Teleconferencing rates per company. I have been
investigating a "standard" Audio Conferencing, and in
general they have the following properties.

> Reservations-less systems.
> No setup fees (except for AT&T)
> "Helpful" Technicians 24/7, except for a
  few, but are calls were during their
  business hours anyway.
> No Monthly Fees (except for TelSpan, but you
  get "free" minutes-lines with that.

If you are not interested in the specifics, below is a simple table
list of companies and their monthly costs, based upon
the following assumptions

> Monthly Meeting time is 240 minutes (4 hours)
> 5 Participants from North America.
> 1 Participant from outside North America.

These assumptions were chosen just to give a relative
comparison between the various companies. Most computations
were determined by the formula

 cost = <setup_fee> +
  <na_rate>(240 minutes)(5 lines) + -- North America
     <i_rate>(240 minutes)(1 line) -- International

The one exception is TelSpan which was based upon the

 cost = <monthly_fee> +
  <rate>*(line-minutes over the 1000 free)

This formula is only on the current "promotional offering"
that TelSpan has going on. The monthly fee gives 1000 min-lines
fee for the month, and we pay $0.09/(min-line) we go over that.

Enough said, now for the summary:

Begin Table 1:
Access Genesys Conferencing: $340.60
AT&T: $937.20
BT Conferencing: $304.80

ConfereneCallService: $828.00
Costco: $231.39
 (does not include yearly membership dues)

Encounter Communications: $230.40
Global Crossing: $288.00
Premiere Conferencing: $244.80

Summit Conferencing: $278.40
TelSpan Inc.: $189.60

Verizon: $259.20
XO Communications: $360.00

End Table 1:

The people I talked to are very competitive, and thus
if we come back with a proposal many may reduce their

For those of you interested in the full details, they
are below. I'm also investigating the possibility of
using WEB based conferencing software. They have not
contacted me yet about prices.

Begin Detail Data:

Access Genesys Conf.: 877.473.6093
    The following charges apply to "Dial-In" conferencing.
 No Setup, monthly, or minimum usage fees.
 $0.24 per minute per line.
 USA and Canada have toll-free phone numbers.
  The rest have toll numbers, and have to
  pay for long distance charges.
> Reservationless system.
> They own their network.
> Technicians are 24/7.


Advanced Telecom Group, Inc.: 503.731.5900
    (Never could get a hold of anyone, so will drop)


AT&T: 800.232.1234
    The following charges apply to "Dial-In" conferencing,
    thus each individual dials a specified number.
 $15 setup fee for each conference
 $0.68 per minute per North American Line that Dials in
  (Only those that dial in will be charged, so
  if you reserve for 5, but 4 dial in, we only
  get charged for 4.)
 $0.38 per minute per International Line that Dial in, and
  these locations have to pay for long distance
> Can automatically expand to additional users at
  the time of the conference. The prices
  structure is the same, thus if we reserve for
  5, and another North American location dials
  in, then we are charged 6 times $0.68 per minute
  per location (plus the setup fees).
> Calls can be recorded and/or transcribed for a fee.
  - Recordings are $20/hr
  - Transcriptions are $50 per 15 minutes.
> At end of conference call, one can request an
  estimate of the bill.
> Translations services are available for a fee.


Audio Visual Supply Co: 503.239.0020
    This group sold equipment only. Remove


BT Conferencing: 866.766.2242
    The following charges apply to Dial-in Conferencing.
> No cost for Setup.
> $0.22 per minute per line (North American)
  Access if via a Toll Free Number.
> $0.17 per minute per line (International).
  Also, the international participants have to
  pay for long distance charges.
> No reservation is required. After an account is
   setup, then we can use a "passcode" by the
> Highly recommended to setup account a minimum
   of 48 hours before the first meeting.
> Contact person for setting up the account is
   "Mark" at 888.286.7970.


Commercial Satellite Services: 503.257.0008
 This is equipment only: remove.


ConferenceCallService: 800.272.5663
    The following are Dial in Charges, but they said
    they could go lower.
> No cost for setup.
> $0.59 per minute per line (North America)
  with a toll-free dial in number.
> $0.50 per minute per line (International)
  but they have to pay for long distance
> Reservation-less.
> Operators are available 24/7.
> There will be a designated "Account Manager"
  for our account if we have difficulties.
> Contact person is Monitrah Cruss (sp?) at
  877.898.0200 x2714


Costco: 877.431.4333
    The ability to conference call does require that you either
    have SmartOffice or SmartNumber, and Smart800. The summary
    of this:
> Cost is $0.162 per minute per line for North
  American calls (we pay for 800 connection of
  6.2 cents per minute per location).
> Cost is $0.10 per minute per line for International
  calls, and they have to pick up a long distance
> Monthly phone service for SmartNumber is $12.99
> WEB site to create reservation and getting passcodes.
> Warning, we have to maintain a phone account with Costco
   for getting conferencing.


Delta A/V Systems Inc: 503.786.3733
    Equipment Only: Remove


Encounter Communications Corp.: 503.321.3400

    The following charges apply to "Dial-In".
> No cost for setup.
> $0.16 per minute per line from any where.
> Toll-Free access lines for most places, expect for
  India and surrounding countries.
> Reservation-less passcode, so access any time.
> Need 48 hours to setup account.
> Operators from 5AM to 6PM Pacific Time, otherwise
   they are "on call" from their homes.
> Contact person is Candice L. at phone number above.
> There is a WEB Control Interface for the cost of
   $0.21 per minute per line The "host" can
   "see" who is connected, mute individual phones,
   and so forth.


Global Crossing: 800.252.5150
    The following apply to Dial-In.
> Cost is $0.20 per minute per line.
> Toll Free for North America, International have to pay
  long distance charges.
> Reservation-less.
> WEB Site to "manage" account.
> Operators are 24/7.
> Global Crossing has their own network in NA.
> Contact person is "Shawn" at phone number above.


MCI Teleconferencing: 800.480.3600

Information is coming via e-mail.


Premiere Conferencing: 800.234.2546
    The following charges apply to Dial-In.
> No cost for setup
> $0.17 per minute per line, from anywhere.
  However, toll free in NA, long distance
  for India.
> No monthly costs.
> No reservation needed
> The $0.17 per minute per line is a reduced
  rate to be competitive with others.
> Contact person is "Tim" at 913.982.1892.


Summit Conference Service: 800.906.4290
    The following charges apply to Dial-in.
> No cost for setup.
> $0.20 per minute per line for North
  American participants with toll-free
> $0.16 per minute per line for International
  calls, and they have to pay long distance
> Operators are 24/7.
> Reservation-less
> Contact Person is "Clay" at 800.906.4290 x501.
> Meeting can be recorded, and charged only if
  distributed. Cost is based upon the length,
  in minutes, and the number of copies distributed.


TelSpan, Inc.: 503.693.7887
    The following charges apply to Dial-in.
> Monthly Flat Rate of $150/Month. This
   includes 1000 minute-line/month. Then it
   is $0.09 per minute-line after that.
> The above costs are a "promotional" that is
   going on now, and thus time is limited. When
   they have sold a specified number, then the
   promotion goes away. This just started, and
   thus we have a couple of weeks (about mid-Aug).
> Operators available when we normally call.
> Reservation-less system
> Contact person is Keith Locke at phone # above.


    The following apply to Dial-In. Information from WEB site.
> Cost is $0.18 per minute per line.
> On-Line setup for account
> Warning: Not all phone calls will be toll free in NA.


XO Communications: 877.617.2111
    The following apply to "Dial-In".
> No setup charges.
> $0.25 per minute per line.
> Toll-free lines for NA, long distance charges for
> Reservation-less.
> Operators 24/7
> WEB site to "manage" calls and accounts.
> Can "dial-out" for international.

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