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IEEE P1076 / VHDL Analysis and Standardization Group (VASG)
This page is old and kept for historical reasons

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VASG is responsible for maintaining and extending the VHDL standard (IEEE 1076).
Current News: 1076-2008 was approved by REVCOM in September 2008.
1076-2008 was a collaboration between the IEEE VASG and Accellera VHDL TSC. More on the VASG and Accellera relationship is here.    VHDL is an IEEE/IEC dual-logo standard and VASG coordinates revisions with IEC TC 93. More on IEC TC 93 is here.   

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Getting copies of VHDL standards
VHDL standards are available through IEEE Standards associations webpages. To find them, search on VHDL at   Note that IEEE currently lists VHDL standards by their IEC numbering.

IEEE Standard Number IEC Standard Number IEC Title
1076-2002 61691-1-1: 2004 Behavioural languages--Part 1: VHDL language reference manual
1076.4-2000 VITAL 61691-5: 2004 Behavioural languages: Part 5: VITAL ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) modeling specification
1076.6-2004 62050-2005 VHDL Register Transfer Level (RTL) Synthesis
Note that IEC and IEEE standards are the same except for front matter, titles, and appendicies.

Standards Status
IEEE 1076-2008: IEEE VHDL-200X + Accellera Additions + VHPI
Status: REVCOM Approved September 2008.
Final draft being edited by IEEE editorial staff.

The IEEE VASG started the work in early 2003 as VHDL-200X. The Accellera VHDL Technical Subcommittee took over the work in 2005, funded its technical editing, and did super-human work to finalize it. Became an Accellera standard at DAC 2006 (late July) and an IEEE standard in September 2008. These language extensions and productivity enhancements are standardized and ready for industry adoption. Currently we expect IEEE editorial staff to have a copy of the standard ready for purchase in early 2009.

After VHDL-2008 Revision
The working group has some preliminary proposals for constrained random and OO. We have agenda items for functional coverage, interfaces, and verification data structures (associative arrays, memories, ...). While most of the work in the group is done on a volunteer basis, the technical editing is extremely time consuming and as a result requires us to hire an editor with deep knowledge of VHDL. Accellera provided the funding for the VHDL-2008 revision, however, the Accellera has declined funding for the above items, so we will need to find a new funding source.

Join us and help create the next VHDL standards. VASG welcomes participation from any person with a vested interest in VHDL.

Much of the work and communication of VASG is done via the email reflector.  To join, send an email message with subscribe vhdl-200x in the message body (or use the link below).  You must join the reflector before you can post to it.


To be a full "voting" member VASG, you must be a paying member of DASC. To maintain your voting membership you must vote in 2 of 3 votes.

Historical Stuff
Prior our collaboration with Accellera there was much work done under IEEE. The webpages for that work can be found at:

     Old VASG Page

     Old VHDL-200X Page

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