Remaining open issues in Mantis

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Date: Wed Mar 11 2015 - 08:40:02 PDT
P<>        ID<>      Severity<> Status<>     Updated<>      Summary<>
        0005043<>        minor   editor (Yuri Tsoglin)   2015-01-15      The term "macro" should not be used to refer to preprocessor directives
        0004995<>        minor   assigned (Yuri Tsoglin) 2014-10-13      The list of e_core types is not up to date
        0004992<>        minor   assigned (Yuri Tsoglin) 2014-10-13      The keywords table is out of date
        0004377<>        feature assigned (Yuri Tsoglin) 2014-02-06      new message configuration infrastructure
        0004312<>        feature assigned (Yuri Tsoglin) 2014-02-06      Chapter 25 - Generalize messaging constructs to eneble structured messages
        0004124<>        feature editor (Yuri Tsoglin)   2014-09-09      new set type should be added to standard
        0004112<>        minor   assigned (Mike Bartley) 2014-04-28      consume defined as a keyword but not defined anywhere else in LRM

Above are the remaining issues that we have in Mantis. The message chapter is the main issue here - once that is done we can look at the keywords table etc.

Mike - issue 4112. Is that basically subsumed into 4992 now, or does something else need to be done?



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