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Date: Tue Dec 16 2014 - 06:50:29 PST
Agree to all of it. There is no width number as described in the earlier section in the last three entries listed, so agree that it would seem that they could be deleted.



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Subject: suggestion regarding Mantis issue #4956

Hi all,

With regard to Mantis issue #4956:


0004956: X and Z values supported for ports of type real


in a recent version R&D added support for X and Z values on real ports. This should be reflected in the MVL section on ports in the standard

My suggestion is that nothing needs to be updated in the current LRM.

It seems that the only change from the e language perspective is that MVL methods of simple_ports (such as get_mvl(), put_mvl(), etc.) are now also supported for simple_port of real.
However, in the current LRM there is no mention of the fact that it is not supported (it just tells "Predefined method for simple ports", without specifying simple_port of what types).

Any other opinions/suggestions?
If agreed, we can close this issue.

Regardless, it seems that there is a mistake in Section of the current LRM, which gives Examples for MVL literals. It shows the following examples:
//16'_b1100uuuuu --illegal because (_) is between (') and base
14'D123 -- illegal because decimal literals are not supported
But the last three seem wrong and have nothing to do with MVL (they are just literal values of type real). If I am correct, then I think we should remove them.



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