IEEE-SA Ballot for IEEE1647 now OPEN - will be open for 45 days

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Date: Fri Dec 17 2010 - 00:04:52 PST

The IEEE-SA ballot for 1647 is now open, and will be for 45 days to allow for the holidays. The e-mail from the IEEE-SA is included below for information.



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Subject: Sponsor Ballot Opening, P1647

Dear IEEE P1647 Balloting Group Member:

This e-mail is to advise you of the opening of the IEEE Standards Sponsor Ballot for:


Title: Standard for the Functional Verification Language 'e'

Scope: This standard defines the e functional verification language.
This standard aims to serve as an authoritative source for the definition of (a) syntax and semantics of e language constructs,
(b) the e language interaction with standard simulation languages and (c) e language libraries.

Purpose: This standard serves the community involved with functional verification of electronic designs using the e language. It provides an implementation independent definition of the e language and facilitates the development of e language based design automation tools.

***** IMPORTANT *****
This is a Revision Ballot.

BALLOT OPENS: 16-Dec-2010
BALLOT CLOSES: 31-Jan-2011.
No votes and/or comments will be accepted after 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on the close date. Make sure you review the document, cast your vote, and submit your comments before the closing date/time.


Go directly to:
(Note: You may be prompted for your password if not already logged in).

Or, follow this process:

1. Log onto myProject; click the link for myBallot, or my Ballot Home (Voter) if applicable.
2. Click the link for "Manage myBallot Activity."
3. Locate P1647.
4. Click on the DRAFT# to open the draft; click on the drop-down box to submit your vote; click on the comments link (under the Actions column) to submit your comments.

Comments MUST be submitted in plain text using one of the following formats available in myBallot:

(a) single comment submittal (i.e, entering one comment at a time into a comment field, with an attachment mechanism for files in any format); or
(b) multiple comment submittal (i.e., entering comments onto a spreadsheet template provided in either XLS, XML or CSV format, for upload into myBallot).

Attempting to submit comments into myBallot through any other format will result in an error message and your upload will not be accepted. For best results, please review the associated help pages thoroughly before proceeding.

Note: This draft standard is posted for your review and for balloting purposes only.

***** QUESTIONS *****
If you should have any questions about this document, please contact:

Stanley Krolikoski
or :
Andrew Piziali

***** myProject QUESTIONS *****
For system questions, please go to the Help pages; or contact your staff liaison or the IEEE-SA Balloting Center at

NOTE: To show our appreciation of your effort, the names of all voters will be listed in the front matter of the published standard. Your vote and your contact information will *not* be included.

Thank you for your participation in this ballot.

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