Date: Thursday 12th May 2011


Sri Chandra Freescale
Marq Kole NXP
Ian Wilson BDA
Shalom Bresticker Intel
Scott Little Freescale
Martin O'Leary Cadence
Dave Miller Freescale

Accellera representatives to SV-DC

Sri put forward three names to Accellera board as candidates to represent Accellera and the Verilog-AMS group on the SV-DC committee. Accellera has chosen Ian Wilson as the representative. Congratulations Ian.

Review of 02 - Lexical conventions

We discussed how we are going about the merging of the documents. At the moment, David is taking the existing Verilog-AMS frame source and updating it to reflect the SV document.

Concerns have been raised that this is going to prove painful down the road as we are going to end up with a standard that is neither Verilog-AMS or SystemVerilog as a base document.

Shalom feels, and everyone agrees, we would be far better off if we used the SystemVerilog document as a base and merged our changes into that.

This was our original plan, however the issue with this is that we still have not been given access to the SystemVerilog source.

Martin also raised concerns about how we distinguish the differences (or changes) to the document. VHDL 1076.1 used the approach of having change bars in the document to reflect the differences. However, this was done in 2007. New IEEE style guidelines does not allow change bars in production (non-draft) documents. It is important to ensure that we follow these guidelines else we won't get the work accepted.

The alternative is to enclose the analog changes in sub-chapters so they can be easily referenced.

Either way, our goal has always been to produce a draft standard to donate to IEEE. Since it is a draft, we have a bit more freedom regarding how to represent our changes.

We also need to keep in mind that whatever we produce, a very large percentage of users of this language is only interested in the analog subset. We need to ensure that the final document acts as a single point of reference for these users.

Another point Shalom raised was regarding copyright. We need to be careful about copying content from 1800 into our document. Sri mentioned that Accellera has provisions in place to allow us to develop this document. Of course using the SV 1800 document as a base alleviates this somewhat.

Moving forward, instead of updating a document. For each section in SV 1800-2009, we will note down the changes needed to it to support A/MS. Once we have the document issues sorted out, we can then look at merging them in.

Actions from the meeting: 1. Sri will follow up with Karen/Accellera as to what the delay is in obtaining the SV source. 2. Shalom will forward to the group the IEEE style guidelines. 3. David will go through sections 01 and 02 that we have already done and note down the changes needed to support these within the SV 1800 document.

Next call

Next call scheduled for Thurs 26th May.

San Francisco, Thurs 06.00a
Austin, 08.00a
Boston, 09.00a
Amsterdam, 03.00p
Tel Aviv, 04.00p
New Delhi, 06:30p
Adelaide, 10:30p

Call-In Details:
USA Toll Free : 8008671147
Australia Toll Free: 1800009128
India Toll Free : 0008006501482
Netherlands : 08002658223
Passcode: 0970751#

-- DavidMiller - 2011-06-14

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