SV-BC meeting minutes for September 13, 2016

Attendee Company Mantis















July 19 Sep 13
Shalom Bresticker Accellera U X X   X X X      
Steven Sharp Cadence U X X X X X X X X X
Francoise Martinolle Cadence U X X X   X X X   X
Mark Strickland Cisco U X X   X X X X X X
Matt Maidment Intel M X X X X X     X X
Brandon Tipp Intel U X X X X X X     X
Boon Chong Ang Intel   X X              
Jonathan Bromley Oracle U   X   X X   X   X
Neil Korpusik Oracle M X X X X X   X X X
Eric Coffin Mentor Graphics R X X X   X X   X X
C Venkat Ramana Rao Mentor Graphics R   X X   X X   X X
Dave Rich Mentor Graphics U     X X X X X X X
Ray Ryan Mentor Graphics     X X X X X X X X
Sachin Pathak Mentor Graphics     X     X        
Dave Scott Real Intent U X                
Mark Hartoog Synopsys U X X X X X X X X X
Brad Pierce Synopsys U X X     X X X X X
Arturo Salz Synopsys U X       X X X    
Justin Refice nVidia U X   X X X X X   X
Karen Pieper Accellera M                  

September 13, 2016 8am-10am PDT

Action Items


Jan 19 Matt: Track version specific changes to LRM as AI and file if needed.

Apr 26 Matt: Add 4528 to future email vote if 343 is approved

343 approved.

Jun 05 Matt: Add 4679 to e-mail ballot when 5531 is resolved

Jun 21 Brad: Add new proposal for 1585

Jun 21 Brad: Update proposal for 2515 and send directly to Editor

Jun 21 Shalom: Update proposal for 3696

Jun 21 Brad: Update proposal for 5236 to standard format

Sep 13 MarkS: Write proposal for 4927.

Sep 13 Matt: Include 5531 in Sep 27 meeting agenda.

Sep 13 Matt: Include 2592 in next email vote.


May 24 Françoise: Check on 5540, about issue raised by Jonathan.

Francoise provided feedback to Jonathan that the scenario should be supported.

May 24 Mark S: Send out options on 4927 that would clarify it.

Jun 21 Francoise and Dave: For 5531, Dave to send names of the responsible engineers to Francoise, and Francoise to get them to talk to her responsible engineers and extract a consensus recommendation.


  • Review IEEE Patent Policy

Directed participants to the patent policy.

  • Collect Open Agenda Items

  • Approve July 19 Meeting Minutes

Dave moves to approve.

MarkH seconds.

No opposed.

Abstain: Brandon, Jonathan (did not attend)

  • Review Action Items

  • Review Proposal for 5680

Nobody but Arturo (via the reflector) objected to the change from property to method. Agreed to include this in the next email vote.

Potential Options:
  • add “soft a->b” to the example in 18.5.14, as suggested by Ray Ryan
  • add informative text to 18.5.14
  • modify the BNF, which is certainly a non-trivial exercise as shown by the attached thread

MarkS recommends adding a valid example to 18.5.14 and a similar but illegal example as well. Current BNF is ambiguous but permits it. Group does not feel BNF update is warranted.

AI: MarkS to write proposal for 4927.

Dave recommends that Francoise review latest comments from July 21 and provide acceptable, alternative text for a new proposal.

AI: Include 5531 in Sep 27 meeting agenda.

Jonathan feels that the de facto standard is that enums in packed structs behave as constraints.

Justin moves to accept the proposal.

Jonathan seconds.

No opposed.

No abstain.

Motion passes.

AI: Matt include 2592 in next email vote.

Testbench writers might like this capability, to advance time at the minimum possible time step. Using this feature in procedural code is currently not well-defined.

-- Matt Maidment - 2016-09-23


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