IEEE P1735 Working Group Meeting of September 29, 2014

Meeting Info

Conference Information


  • Attending
    • Dave Graubart, Synopsys DR (Chair)
    • Jeff Fox, Altera DR
    • Rod Price, Synopsys DRA
    • Ruchi Tyagi, Cadence DRA
    • Joe Daniels, P1735 Technical Editor
    • Steven Dovich, P1076 liaison
    • Sridhar Gangadharan, Atrenta (guest)
    • Luis Humberto, Cadence DR
    • Satyam Jani, Aldec DR
    • Gael Paul,Accellera DR
    • Dave Clemans, Synopsys DRA
    • Jonathan Goldberg, IEEE Professional Services
    • Sourabh Tandon, Synopsys DRA
  • Not Attending
    • John Shields, Mentor DR
    • Ray Martin, Xilinx DR
    • Adam Sherer, Cadence DRA
    • Nitin Khurana, Cadence DR
    • Krista Gluchoski, IEEE Professional Services
    • Dmitry Melnick, Aldec DRA
    • Stan Krolikoski, Cadence (DASC Chair)
    • Parminder Gill, Synopsys DRA


  1. Determine Quorum
  2. Patent slides
  3. Approve agenda
  4. Approval of Previous Meeting minutes
  5. Guests and new members
  6. Action Item Review
  7. Liaison Reports
  8. Ballot status
  9. Schedule
  10. General Status
  11. Individual Clause Status
  12. High-level Objectives
  13. Project Plan
  14. Other Business
  15. Adjourn



We have 5/7 eligible entities, and have a working quorum.

Patent Policy

The Patent slides were offered for review.

No new claims were disclosed at the call for essential patent claims.

Agenda Approval

Motion to approve agenda made by Jeff, seconded Gael. Motion is approved.

Previous Minutes

Jeff moved and Ruchi seconded the approval of the September 15, 2014 minutes. The motion was approved.

Guests and New Members

Sriharr from Atrenta, a member of the ballot group attended.

Action Item Review


Liaison Reports

Steve, reporting for 1076, has not been engaged with 1076 for a period but expects to be active again soon. He will discuss incorporating P1735 material, some by reference, into a future 1076 version. Dave and Joe confirmed that Steve may use the unpublished draft from our private Twiki to begin this work.

Jeff asked about 1800. As we have no 1800 liaison, Dave will discuss the 1735/1800 relationship with Stan and cc Karen Pierper.

Ballot Status

Recirculation ballot closed on September 25 with no changes to the previous votes (100% approval). The only comments were confirmation that the draft meets expectations. No additional ballot action is needed and we will proceed with submitting to RevCom.


Dave reviewed the current schedule:





Recirculation ballot




RevCom preparation




Revcom opportunity




General Status

Working Group work is complete.

Joe and Jonathan discussed the process from here:

  • Dave will create the RevCom pakage for RevCom submission. Dave will work with Jonathan on any questions related to this. The submission deadline is October 20, but Dave plans to submit this week.
  • The RevCom committee consists of 12-15 members who will review that the process and procedures were followed per our PAR and IEEE rules.
  • Typically one or two RevCom committee members will review the packet early and ask Dave or Stan any questions. Dave will work to resolve any issues. If needed, Dave will call an additional WG meeting if a technical discussion is required.
  • The RevCom meeting will be held December 10 where there will be a vote to recommend approval to the Standards Board. The Standards Board generally follows RevCom's recommendations. They meet and vote on December 11.
  • After the Standards Board approves, there is a publication cycle. Joe estimates publication will be complete by mid-March.

Dave will emaill status updates on all of the above to the email reflector.

Everyone is invited to continue using the email reflector to exchange ideas about a possible future PAR.

Clause 1 - Overview


Clause 2 - Normative References


Clause 3 - Definitions, acronyms, abbreviations


Clause 4 - Trust model


Clause 5 - Interoperability


Clause 6 - Key Management


Clause 7 - Rights Management


Clause 8 - License Management


Clause 9 - Visibility


Clause 10 - Common Rights


Annex A - Bibliography


Annex B - Other known issues with IP protection (informative, not normative)


Annex C - Pragma table


Work Plan

High-level objectives
Project Plan

Other Business

Dave to cleanup web site including fixing some file permissions - low priority.

Steve sent email and reiterated in this meeting, his thanks to everyone for their contributions in completing this work, to Joe for shaping our ideas into a viable draft, and to Dave for chairing the group during the last year.

Dave expressed his thanks to everyone as well, and to Steve for leading the working group through the vast majority of its life.

Gael also expressed this thanks to everyone for bringing the effort which began eight years ago to this point.

Dave will investigate possibilities for a WG celebration.

Next Meeting

No future WG meeting is scheduled.


Motion by Jeff, second by Gael. Approved by acclamation at 16:34 UTC


These minutes are unapproved. Motion via email to approve by Luis and second by Gael. Motion is pending as of 9/29.

-- DaveGraubart - 2014-09-29

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