IEEE P1735 Working Group Meeting of March 4, 2013

Meeting Info

Conference Bridge and Live-Meeting


  • Attending
    • Steven Dovich, (chair) Cadence DR
    • Jarek Kaczynski, Aldec DR
    • Ray Martin, Xilinx DR
    • Joe Daniels, P1735 Technical Editor
    • John Shields, Mentor DR
    • Jeff Fox, Altera DR
    • Dave Clemans, Synopsys DRA
    • Dave Graubart, Synopsys DR
    • Michael Smith, Synopsys DRA

  • Not Attending
    • Krista Gluchoski, IEEE Professional Services
    • Parminder Gill, Synopsys DRA
    • Premduth Vidyanandan, Xilinx
    • Nick Sgoupis, CAST
    • Albert Chiang, Synopsys
    • Nitin Khurana, Cadence DRA
    • David Pena, Cadence
    • Bin Dai, Xilinx
    • Ruchi Tyagi, Cadence DRA
    • Syed Huq, Cisco
    • Meera Srinivasan, Synopsys
    • David Tran, Synopsys


  1. Determine Quorum
  2. Patent slides
  3. Approve agenda
  4. Approval of Meeting minutes from 02/04/2013
  5. Action Items Status
  6. Liaison Reports
  7. Inter-operability Issues
  8. License Management
  9. Key Management
  10. Rights Management
  11. Common Rights and Visibility
  12. Work Plan
  13. Other Business
  14. Adjourn



We have 5/5 eligible entities, and have a working quorum.

Patent Policy

The Patent slides were offered for review.

No new claims were disclosed at the call for essential patent claims.

Agenda Approval

Motion by Dave G, seconded by John. Motion is approved.

Previous Minutes

Ray moved and Dave G seconded the approval of the February 4, 2013 minutes. The motion was approved.

Action Item Review

Steven reviewed the open action items.

2013 invoices have been sent out to the DRs, and 30 day reminders went out last week.

Liaison Reports

P1800 has been published, Acellera has funded electtronic distribution so copies can be downloaded without cost.

P1076 still not active on encryption issues, Jarek will promote the review process once we approve the draft.

Joe reported on activity at the DASC meeting, and confirmed that Acellera plans to provide e-stds for all EDA...


License Management

John noted that he responded in part to comments from Jeff on licensing in the context of rights, and expected to provide a more complete response shortly.

Key Management

Rights Management

Common Rights and Visibility

John commented on the common rights and visibility draft he distributed in mid-February.

Working group members agreed to review and provide comments in advance of the next meeting.

Work Plan

Dave G, moved and Ray seconded a motion to approve D3 draft for liaison review by P1800, P1801, P1076, P1076.1, and other working groups with a potential interest in the draft. John and Jeff abstained, the motion passed.

Jeff suggested using a shared cloud copy of the PDF so we could easily see comments from other reviewers. Steven agreed to look into the possibility and will send out revised reviewer instructions if that can be accomplished within the policy constraints of IEEE.

Joe asked that intent to refresh any of the clauses be disclosed by Thursday, March 14, 2013, so that he could plan the work to get those clauses updated quickly after the meeting on March 18, 2013.

High-level objectives:

  • Complete all approval activity in 2013 before PAR expires (2013)
  • Secure pre-ballot feedback from other DASC working groups

Project Plan:

  • Distribute D3 draft for liaison review in mid-February
    • Revised content for D3 must be submitted to Joe by 11-Feb-2013
    • D3 to be distributed to liaison groups by 20-Feb-2013
    • Any material that is still unstable should be tagged with an inline note to the liaison reviewers
    • Noted material should be revised for mid-review update as D3a by 25-Feb-2013 (delivery to Joe)
    • Any updated D3a clauses will be supplied to liaison reviewers by 01-Mar-2013
    • Liaison review period to close by 29-Mar-2013

  • Incorporate review comments into D4 draft for working group review
    • Changes for D4 must be submitted by 15-Apr-2013 (delivery to Joe)
    • Working group review closes 29-Apr-2013 with a decision to approve D4 as the ballot draft or revise further as D5.

  • Balloting and review
    • If D4 is approved as ballot draft, and ballot period starts 01-May-2013, we have a slim chance at making the August REVCOM agenda
    • Ballot group formation to close before 15-Apr-2013 in preparation for possible D4 ballot.
    • Assumptions:
      • Submission deadline for August REVCOM is 12-Jul-2013
      • Need approval of D4 as ballot draft and no substantive ballot comments that require recirc
      • 30-day ballot period requires a minimum of 45 days from working group approval of ballot draft
      • 10-day recirc period requires a minimum of 15 days from ballot comment disposition
      • Ballot comment dispositioning and incorporating draft updates accepted by the working group will add to the timeline
      • Current technical editing statement of work (contract and budget) will still be valid if D5 is completed and approved for ballot in May.
      • Failure to complete balloting/recirc by September will risk missing the December REVCOM agenda and force another PAR extension.

Task Requirements/White Paper Writer-ready Specification
Use Model 02-Jul-2008 ???
Trust Model ??? ???
Interoperability 24-Aug-2009 26-Jan-2010
License Management 19-Apr-2011 ???
Visibility Management 23-Jul-2010 ???
Key Management 18-Oct-2010 12-Aug-2011
Rights Control Structures 27-Jun-2011 ???
Common Rights 23-Jul-2011 ???

Other Business

Next Meeting

The next P1735 meeting is scheduled for March 18, 2013 at 16:00UTC.

Tentative Agenda

  1. Determine Quorum
  2. Patent slides
  3. Approve agenda
  4. Approval of Meeting minutes from 03/04/2013
  5. Action Items Status
  6. Liaison Reports
  7. Meeting Schedule
  8. Inter-operability Issues
  9. License Management
  10. Key Management
  11. Rights Management
  12. Common Rights and Visibility
  13. Work Plan
  14. Other Business
  15. Adjourn


Motion by John, second by Ray. Approved by acclamation at 17:00UTC


These minutes are unapproved.

-- StevenDovich - 2013-03-04

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