IEEE P1735 Working Group Meeting of November 17, 2008

Meeting Info

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  • Attending
    • Steven Dovich, Cadence (chair)
    • Dave Clemans, Synopsys
    • Ruchi Tyagi, Cadence
    • Nitin Khurana, Cadence
    • Bin Dai, Xilinx
    • Dave Graubart, Synopsys
    • Nick Sgoupis, CAST
    • William A Hanna, Boeing
    • Premduth Vidyanandan, Xilinx
    • Michael Smith, Synopsys
    • Parminder Gill, Synopsys

  • Not Attending
    • Karlton Lau, Xilinx
    • John Shields, Mentor
    • Meera Srinivasan, Synopsys
    • Syed Huq, Cisco
    • Jim Robinson, Synopsys
    • NSS Subramanian, Cadence
    • David Tran, Synopsys
    • Gary Delp, LSI


  1. Determine Quorum
  2. Patent slides
  3. Approve agenda
  4. Approval of Meeting minutes from 10/29/2008
  5. Action Items Status
  6. Liaison Reports
  7. License Management
  8. Key Management Issues
  9. Other Business
  10. Adjourn



We have 3/4 eligible entities, and have a working quorum.

Patent Policy

The Patent slides were offered for review.

No new claims were disclosed at the call for essential patent claims.

Agenda Approval

Motion by Dave G, seconded by Michael. Motion is approved.

Previous Minutes

Dave G moved and Duth seconded the approval of the October 29, 2008 minutes. The motion was approved.

Action Item Review

Steven reviewed the open action items.

Liaison Reports

No activity to report.

License Management

Michael put the following questions for discussion:
  1. When should licenses be checked, when should they be released, and how frequently should they be checked.
    1. Specify the minimum hold time and let tools release at any time after that interval.
    2. Decrypt function doesn't need to hold until end of compilation.
    3. Interactive use is easier to implement if licenses are held until tool exit.

In the discussion, Steve suggested we leverage the Rights Management framework to cover extensions to the types of activities and processing which can be licensed. We can however generalize the license management API so that it can apply to all of those activities.

In brainstorming the desired controls on license checkout, the following concepts were identified:

  1. Adding pragma syntax for IP Authors to specify the recheck interval for checked out licenses.
  2. Adding pragma syntax for IP Authors to specify the checkout policy:
    1. Checkout and Release, for an existence check
    2. Checkout and Hold to require license consumption across the duration of the activity.
  3. Adding pragma syntax to specify a heartbeat function to be used for the recheck. Tools are not going to be able to consolidate the heartbeats when they are specified from different from licensing libraries.

Key Management Issues

Nitin has distributed the references to existing specs. Bin and Duth asked for pointers to the existing material so they could understand where the key management discussion stood.

Other Business

In light of year-end holidays, we plan to skip the scheduled meetings on November 24, December 22, and December 29. The next meeting will be on December 1, 2008.

Steve had polled for interest in continuing a live web view for presentation materials during the meeting. The group consensus is that it has value and we should try to restore that service as soon as possible.


Motion by Bill, second by Michael. Approved by acclamation at 11:22 pm CDT


These minutes were approved at the December 1, 2008 meeting.

-- StevenDovich - 01 Dec 2008

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