IEEE P1735 Draft Development Committee Meeting of June 17, 2013

Meeting Info

Conference Bridge and Live-Meeting


  • Attending
    • Steven Dovich, (chair) Cadence DR
    • Jeff Fox, Altera DR
    • Dave Graubart, Synopsys DR
    • Ray Martin, Xilinx DR
    • John Shields, Mentor DR
    • Jarek Kaczynski, Aldec DR

  • Not Attending
    • Michael Smith, Synopsys DRA
    • Dave Clemans, Synopsys DRA
    • Devin Sundaram, Altera DRA
    • Joe Daniels, P1735 Technical Editor
    • Krista Gluchoski, IEEE Professional Services
    • Parminder Gill, Synopsys DRA
    • Premduth Vidyanandan, Xilinx
    • Nick Sgoupis, CAST
    • Albert Chiang, Synopsys
    • Nitin Khurana, Cadence DRA
    • David Pena, Cadence
    • Bin Dai, Xilinx
    • Ruchi Tyagi, Cadence DRA
    • Syed Huq, Cisco
    • Meera Srinivasan, Synopsys
    • David Tran, Synopsys


  1. Patent slides
  2. Comment and Open Issue review
  3. Adjourn


Patent Policy

The Patent slides were offered for review.

No new claims were disclosed at the call for essential patent claims.

Comment and Open Issue review

Dave G discussed the results of internal review. Regarding visibility, the committee expressed preferences for retaining no visibility for protected envelopes other than for elaboration, or VPI/VHPI specified access. Regarding the cost of implementing viewports, Steven suggested that an optional conformance profile would be preferable so that those who chose to implement would do so in the same way. That would allow the market to determine whether there was adequate ROI. John reminded the committee that the intent of the visibility position of P1735 was to allow tool vendors to conform by limiting the supported profiles to those that mirror their existing functionality, leaving the more costly features for negotiation with their customers.

Feedback actions:

  • Dave G: get more specific description of concerns given the working group feedback regarding the intended light touch

Work Plan

Date Clause Title Champion
6/21 1 Intro Steven
7/8 2 Normative Ref  
7/12 3 Definitions  
6/28 4 Trust Steven
6/28 5 Interop Ray
6/28 6 Key Mgmt Steven
6/21 7 Rights Mgmt Dave G
6/28 8 License Mgmt Dave G
6/28 9 Common Rights John
7/10 10 Visibility John
7/8 A Bibliography  
6/28 B Required Algorithms  
4/25 X Visbility Annex John

Next Meeting

The next Draft Development Committee meeting is scheduled for June 17, 2013 at 16:00UTC.

Tentative Agenda

  1. Patent slides
  2. Comment and Open Issue review
  3. Adjourn


Meeting adjourned at 16:35UTC


These minutes are unapproved.

-- StevenDovich - 2013-06-17

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