Meeting 78 Minutes

Teleconference, Monday, November 11, 2013, 1700 UTC; 9:00 am Pacific Standard Time

A quorum of 4 out of 4 voting members present. 5 non-voting members were also present.
Attendance and voter status indicated on the
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  • Voting members
    • Brett Lammers
    • Yaron Kashai
    • Andrew Piziali
    • Darren Galpin

  • Non-voting members
    • Matan Vax
    • Mike Bartely
    • Hannes Froehlich
    • Yuri Tsoglin
    • Alan Perlman

1. Call to order meeting 78 on Nov 11th at 9:05 am PST (1705 UTC)

2. Approval of Sept 16th meeting 77 minutes

  • Solicit motion to approve the meeting 77 minutes
  • Andy P. motions to approve meeting 77 minutes
  • Yaron K. seconded
  • Meeting 77 Minutes approved

3. Status update

  • November 11th Status
    • Cadence Legal agreements have been sorted out
      • Hannes to provide docs to Darren to post to Wikki
    • 4 WG defined from Darren's email. Need to define leaders for each group
      • Leaders should volunteer via reflectors
      • Yaron: What is the timeframe for these WG to conclude?
        • 1 month to organize WG (Dec 14th)
        • Kick off work beginning of 2014 (Jan 2014)
        • Few months folowing that to complete work
    • Need to identify Editor
      • Specman Editors can help but they are currently busy on a release for end of year
      • Specman Editors can help begining of next year
      • Hannes to check with Amy as to expected workload
  • September 16th Status
    • 6 month contribution period now over. Now it is time to start working on the next draft
      • 10 currently open topics which seem to divide into the following two groups
        • Temporals
        • Messaging
      • Need to get documentation from Cadence on the open topcis
        • In the past this has been FM source from the Specman documentation
        • The doc will be put up on the website in an access controlled section for use by the working groups
        • Hannes took the action to follow up on this
      • Need to get legal approval to take the CDN documenation for use in the standard
        • Darren to send the legal requests form the last go around to use as an exmaple
        • Hannes took the action to follow-up on this on the Cadence side
      • Need to identify an editor for the next revision
        • Need to have Framemaker expereince
        • Hannes took an action to look into this also
    • NOTE: Even thought the contribution period is officially closed we can still accept contributions and decide if we want to include them in this revision
    • Srini asked whether the group would be interested in posting examples/templates that some students he knows have created
      • The current example is an AXI4 VIP but still needs some polishing
      • Darren: Would be willing to post this to the WG website but they need to be clearly marked as freeware open to public usage etc. However this example posting is outside of our WG charter
      • Sirini: Mentioned that he was thinking that these examples could also serve as discussion vehicles and examples for the topic updates for the standard revision.
      • Srini also sent a message to Kishore who may have a better venue for this sort of posting
    • Srini asked about how we coordinate the subcommitee WGs mentioned above.
      • Darren layed out the following steps
        • Define the groups (mentioned above)
        • Identify volunteers to be commitee leaders
        • Identify volunteers to be part of the committees
        • Committe works with the editor to finish out their section/topic
        • Most of the communication/work done via email and Mantis
  • June 17th Status
    • Half way through the 6 mo. donation period. No new mantis issues or donatations
    • Sirini will add some issues to the mantis that he has gathered from India
      • e for formal verification. Maybe a PSL for e is needed??
      • UVM e position
        • Matan: Much (90%) of what is in UVM SV is already covered in IEEE1647 specification
    • Sirini mentioned that there is a lot of new interest in Indian universities to teach e classes
  • March 18 Status
    • PAR has been approved
    • Starting donation period
    • Joe to look into the legal issues for Cadence donations (Darren to send reminder)
    • Darren is proposing 3 mo. donation period
      • Joe brought up the question of putting the group on hiatus after discussion with Stan K
        • Idea being that maybe the spec is fairly mature, could allow more time for other parties to digest and contribute, does not mean the end of the WG
        • Could open donation period to be longer (6mo-1yr)
        • Darren mentioned that there are a number of new specman features that we want to pick up
        • Yaron also mentioned that having the PAR approved does start a clock ticking (5yr?)
        • Andy mentioned that maybe we need to add a check to the PAR creation process for this idea
      • Srini asked how do users who do not have time to develop a feature donate a feature. What is the definition of a donation?
        • Darren mentioned that we can just add it as a mantis issues
        • Donations can be two forms
          • More productized features like those from Cadence
          • Feature requests (ie from users) sent to the forum where it will be decided by the WG if it should be added
      • Conclusion: 6 mo. donation period seems to be favored
        • Does not mean that we will not have meetings (separate problem...can call meetings any time)
    • No new mantis issues
      • Darren: expect abort feature? Hannes to put in Mantis place holder

  • Action Items

    • None

  • Editor Slot
    • Nov 11th Update

      • No Update

    • Sept 16th Uptate

      • No Update

    • June 17th Uptate

      • No Update

    • March 18th Update

      • No editor as of yet. Amy suggested some candidates. Joe and Amy are evaluating some Cadence editors but not ready to name names

4. Other business

  • Any other business?
  • Mail a message to (the general email reflector) if you were not recorded in these minutes

5. Call for essential patents

  • The IEEE-SA updated the patent policy effective April 2008

  • The details are available in updated slide set at (See "Patent related" from the IEEE 1647 home page, "Slides About IEEE Patent Policy").

  • If you believe that any patent claims are essential patent claims, please inform the working group. Review the posted slides for more information.

6. Next meeting

  • Jan 20th at 9am PST ( 1700 UTC )

7. Adjourn

  • Mike B motioned

  • Andy P seconded

  • Motion approved

  • Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PDT (16:15 UTC)

-- BrettLammers - 2013-11-11

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