Meeting 73 Minutes

Teleconference, Monday, Sept 10, 2012, 1600 UTC; 9:00 am Pacific Standard Time

A quorum of 5 out of 6 voting members present. 3 non-voting members were also present.
Attendance and voter status indicated on the
on-line roster .


  • Voting members
    • Brett Lammers
    • Andrew Piziali
    • Joe Hupcey
    • Darren Galpin
    • Yaron Kashai
  • Non-voting members
    • Hannes Froehlich
    • Iraklis Diamantidis
    • Mike Bartley

1. Call to order meeting 73 on Sept 10th at 9:04m PST (1604 UTC)

2. Approval of Aug 23rd meeting 72 minutes

  • Solicit motion to approve the meeting 72 minutes
  • Mike B. motions to approve meeting 72 minutes
  • Yaron K. seconded
  • Meeting 72 Minutes approved

3. Status update

  • Sept 10 Status
    • Current issues Update
      • "Consume" issue does now have a mantis issue 4112
      • Matan added mantis issue 4312 for Structured Debug Messaging
      • No mantis issue yet for reflection
        • Hannes: Cadence is still making additional reflection changes and would like to wait until after those changes stablize before submitting something to Mantis. Hannes can have conversation with Candence Language team and report back.
        • Darren would like to have that info within the next 6 month in prep for PARS submission
      • Place holder mantis issue 4124 for new set type has been submitted
      • Constraints issue Matan brought up has not yet been submitted
      • "On event" issue has been added as manits item
    • Looks like we have enough issues for a new PAR
      • Darren will work with Andy and Yaron to start this process
    • LRM has been released and is online in the IEEE store
  • April 23 Status
    • There is an issue submitted on the currently submittted draft. The key word "consume" is usedin the key word table but not defined elswhere in the spec
      • This key word does have functionality with regards to events
      • Darren: Needs to go into next version. Darren will reply to Mantis issue
    • Structured Debug Messages and Reflection Enhancements have not yet been added to Mantis.
      • Matan will add
    • Other enhancements
      • Joe: Should we add something around UVMe?
        • Matan: There are some new things here (tesflow phases, UVM scoreboard, Low power)
          • Maybe should not be included in LRM as it is an open source and already part of another spec/methodology (i.e. UVM)
          • Implemented in 100% standard e as a library and no language changes/additions
      • Hannes: Specman RnD working on sets.
        • Darren will work with Hannes to get this into Mantis
      • Matan: A lot of work has been Constraint semantics (order, implications etc). Now there are very clear definitions that could update what is in the LRM
        • Most pproblematic in the past has been order. There has been a lot of work here in Specman including a new solver.
        • Improvements in lists, when subtypes etc
        • Matan to go through LRM and propose changes relative to constraint solving in Mantis issue
      • Matan: There is also generalization of "on <event>". Now it can be used for events outside of the current scope.
        • Matan to create a note in Mantis
    • What is the status of a new LRM version
      • Still waiting for last version to close out
      • Would need to submit request for new version (i.e. new PAR)
      • Then would ask for donations (i.e. Cadence to submit docs on features)
      • When is the right time?
        • Add in the items that came in todays meeting into mantis (mentioned above)
        • Wait for a few more months and see if we want a new version
  • Oct 11 Status
    • Standard has been published..What Next?

      • Darren proposes waiting 6 mo or more to gather feedback on the current version
      • Joe reported that this seems in line with guidance from Stan Krolikoski
      • Andy P. asked if there were enhancement requests etc that have come in since the standard
        • Darren is concerned that he is not connected to updates made by Cadence
          • Matan offered up the following enhancements that have occured
            • Multi-dimensional lists - (actually this was addressed in the latest version as a tool limitation)
            • Reflection API updates - Has been extended in the current Specman version
            • Structured Debug Messages - generalization of the message construct
          • Darren asked if when Matan sees such changes that he could submit them as enhancements requests (Mantis)
      • Andy P. asked what we should do about updates that we voted to leave behind in this latest version.
        • Only temporal coverage was left behind by vote.
          • Does not seem to have customer demand
  • July 11th Status
    • Final draft passed last ballot

      • Last step waiting for IEEE editorial staff comments if any
    • Update to our P&P's (bylaws)

      • Darren made the required updates based on the DASC updates
      • Darren G. proposes a verbal Ballot during the meeting to accept
      • Yaron K. seconded the motion
      • Vote results -
        • Voting members (4 approved, 1 abstained)
          • Brett Lammers -Approved
          • Andrew Piziali - Abstained
          • Darren Galpin - Approved
          • Yaron Kashai - Approved
          • Joe Hupcey - Approved
        • Non-voting members (3 Approved, 1 Abstained)
          • Mike Bartley - Approved
          • Iraklis Diamantidis - Approved
          • Amy Witherow - Abstained
          • Kishore Karnane - Approved
      • New bylaws approved based on 4 out 7 voting members approval

  • Action Items

    • None

  • Editor Slot
    • Sept 10th Update

      • No Update

    • Apr 23rd Update

      • No Update

    • Oct 11 Update

      • No Update

    • July 11 Update

      • No Update

    • Mar 28 Update

      • No Update

    • Feb 14 Update

      • Amy will make the changes she can and wait for additional input on the issues that needed additioanl feedback.

      • New version will include "internal review" change bars

      • Amy and Darren will exchange the spreadsheet to track the issues and respond correctly to the SA website

    • Dec 13 Update

      • Would like to talk with Darren

        • about how to backup final FrameMaker files

        • who should Amy work with to provide source files to IEEE

    • Sept 13 Update

      • Will create new draft for ratification

      • Proposal to create a version for WG balloting that contains change bars.

      • Draft for SA balloting will not contain change bars.

4. Other business

  • Any other business?
  • Mail a message to (the general email reflector) if you were not recorded in these minutes

5. Call for essential patents

  • The IEEE-SA updated the patent policy effective April 2008

  • The details are available in updated slide set at (See "Patent related" from the IEEE 1647 home page, "Slides About IEEE Patent Policy").

  • If you believe that any patent claims are essential patent claims, please inform the working group. Review the posted slides for more information.

6. Next meeting

  • Nov 12th at 9am PST ( 1700 UTC )

7. Adjourn

  • Andy P. motioned

  • Mike B. seconded

  • Motion approved

  • Meeting adjourned at 9:14 PDT (16:14 UTC)

-- BrettLammers - 2012-09-10

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