Meeting 71 Minutes

Teleconference, Monday, Oct 10, 2011, 1600 UTC; 9:00 am Pacific Daylight Time

A quorum of 7 out of 7 voting members present. 4 non-voting members were also present.
Attendance and voter status indicated on the
on-line roster .


  • Voting members
    • Brett Lammers
    • Andrew Piziali
    • Yaron Kashai
    • Joe Hupcey
    • Darren Galpin
    • Matan Vax
    • Michael McNamara
  • Non-voting members
    • Iraklis Diamantidis
    • Henry Von Bank
    • Mike Bartley
    • Amy Witherow

1. Call to order meeting 71 on Jul 11th at 9:03m PDT (1603 UTC)

2. Approval of July 11th meeting 70 minutes

  • Solicit motion to approve the meeting 70 minutes
  • Mike B. motions to approve meeting 70 minutes
  • Joe H. seconded
  • Meeting 70 Minutes approved

3. Status update

  • Oct 11 Status
    • Standard has been published..What Next?

      • Darren proposes waiting 6 mo or more to gather feedback on the current version
      • Joe reported that this seems in line with guidance from Stan Krolikoski
      • Andy P. asked if there were enhancement requests etc that have come in since the standard
        • Darren is concerned that he is not connected to updates made by Cadence
          • Matan offered up the following enhancements that have occured
            • Multi-dimensional lists - (actually this was addressed in the latest version as a tool limitation)
            • Reflection API updates - Has been extended in the current Specman version
            • Structured Debug Messages - generalization of the message construct
          • Darren asked if when Matan sees such changes that he could submit them as enhancements requests (Mantis)
      • Andy P. asked what we should do about updates that we voted to leave behind in this latest version.
        • Only temporal coverage was left behind by vote.
          • Does not seem to have customer demand
  • July 11th Status
    • Final draft passed last ballot

      • Last step waiting for IEEE editorial staff comments if any
    • Update to our P&P's (bylaws)

      • Darren made the required updates based on the DASC updates
      • Darren G. proposes a verbal Ballot during the meeting to accept
      • Yaron K. seconded the motion
      • Vote results -
        • Voting members (4 approved, 1 abstained)
          • Brett Lammers -Approved
          • Andrew Piziali - Abstained
          • Darren Galpin - Approved
          • Yaron Kashai - Approved
          • Joe Hupcey - Approved
        • Non-voting members (3 Approved, 1 Abstained)
          • Mike Bartley - Approved
          • Iraklis Diamantidis - Approved
          • Amy Witherow - Abstained
          • Kishore Karnane - Approved
      • New bylaws approved based on 4 out 7 voting members approval

  • Action Items

    • None

  • Editor Slot
    • Oct 11 Update

      • No Update

    • July 11 Update

      • No Update

    • Mar 28 Update

      • No Update

    • Feb 14 Update

      • Amy will make the changes she can and wait for additional input on the issues that needed additioanl feedback.

      • New version will include "internal review" change bars

      • Amy and Darren will exchange the spreadsheet to track the issues and respond correctly to the SA website

    • Dec 13 Update

      • Would like to talk with Darren

        • about how to backup final FrameMaker files

        • who should Amy work with to provide source files to IEEE

    • Sept 13 Update

      • Will create new draft for ratification

      • Proposal to create a version for WG balloting that contains change bars.

      • Draft for SA balloting will not contain change bars.

4. Other business

  • Any other business?
  • Mail a message to (the general email reflector) if you were not recorded in these minutes

5. Call for essential patents

  • The IEEE-SA updated the patent policy effective April 2008

  • The details are available in updated slide set at (See "Patent related" from the IEEE 1647 home page, "Slides About IEEE Patent Policy").

  • If you believe that any patent claims are essential patent claims, please inform the working group. Review the posted slides for more information.

6. Next meeting

  • April 16th at 9 am PST ( 1600 UTC )

7. Adjourn

  • Andy P. motioned

  • Matan V. seconded

  • Motion approved

  • Meeting adjourned at 9:22 PDT (16:22 UTC)

-- BrettLammers - 2011-10-10

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