IEEE P1076.1 Working Group - Table-Driven Modeling Project - Telco Meeting Minutes of October 11, 2010

Status: approved on November 8, 2010.


  • Ernst Christen
  • Joachim Haase (chair, meeting convener)
  • Alain Vachoux (note taker)


  • Call to order
  • Volunteer fro minutes
  • Approval of agenda
  • Approval of minutes from last meeting
  • Information regarding the voting process of the requirements document
  • Preparation of phase 2 - VHDL-AMS implementation aspects
  • Next steps and next meeting
  • AOB
  • Adjourn

Call to order on October 11, 2010 at 8am PDT (5:00 CEST)

Joachim welcomes the participants and starts presenting the meeting slides.

Volunteer for minutes

Alain volunteers to take notes.

Approval for agenda

Agenda unanimously approved.

Minutes from last meeting

Minutes of September 13, 2010 meeting unanimously approved.

Current action items


  • Update requirement document from the meeting discussion. version 0.5 published on web site

Information regarding the voting process of the requirements document

Ernst reports that he received a few votes. All are positive with one editorial comment. Ernst will recall the deadline of October 17 to the WG.

Preparation of phase 2

Points raised when discussing slides 8-11:

  • No need to require that the distance between two data points (x(k) - x(k-1)) must be constant.
  • The complex_vector type is not yet available as a standard type (must be probably declared in IEEE 1076.2).
  • Quadratic spline and cubic spline interpolation methods: a practical approach is to define endpoint conditions using the selected extrapolation method.
  • Natural cubic spline interpolation method: A useful requirement if no extrapolation method is given is that the 2nd order derivatives at endpoints are zero.
  • Complete and natural cubic spline interpolation methods are supported in Verilog-AMS. Not-a-Knot cubic spline method is supported in Matlab/Octave.
  • Next step should be an inventory of possible/realistic combinations of interpolation/extrapolation methods and from that defining which methods/conditions are actually involved.
  • Multi-dimensional case should be adressed once the uni-dimensional case has been thoroughly reviewed.

Next meeting

The next telco is planned on November 8, 2010 at 8am PDT or 5:00 CEST.




Joachim adjourns the meeting at 6:00 CEST.

Action items


  • White paper on possible/realistic combinations of interpolation/extrapolation methods for one-dimensional case.
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