Review of 1076.1-201x-draft_D0.2.pdf

This is a running list of comments. Page references are w.r.t. the 1076.1-201x version.

ii: See LCS 201x-22 - Fixed. Changes should be also done in 1076-201x.

ii: Footnotes with trace information missing - Fixed. Footnotes added.

vi: Need roster - Roster added from LCS 201x-22.

viii: Footnote with trace information missing - The footnote reference is actually at the end of the paragraph.
viii: In boxed text, changed 2017 to 201x and put in P1076.1-201x condition tag.

viii-x: See LCS 201x-22 - Fixed.

1: See LCS 201x-22 - Fixed. Remarks:

  • The text in the Important Notice as in LCS 201x-22 and 1076-2008 is slightly different from the text in the 2014 IEEE Standards Style Manual. Which one actually to use?
  • I propose to move the second paragraph in the Scope section to the Purpose section as it is in the PAR. There have always been a lot of discussion about how to interpret what should come in the Scope and what should come in the Purpose. Since the PAR has been accepted, there is no real need to change.
  • I added missing footnote and reference to LCS 201x-22 in the Purpose section.

56: Should be in italics. See LCS 201x-04 - Fixed.

90: According to LCS 201x-18, it should be "explicitly" - Fixed (2 times).

93: interface nature declaration missing. See LCS 201x-11 - Fixed.

108: Spurious leading space - Fixed (2 times).

124: Removed reference to LCS 201x-07 (only a change in condition tag).

140: See LCS 201x-11 - Fixed.

152: See LCS 201x-05 - Fixed. Change should be also done in 1076-201x.

173: See LCS 201x-05 - Fixed.

175: See LCS 201x-05 - Fixed.

185: Removed reference to LCS 201x-06 (only a change in condition tag).

195: Removed reference to LCS 201x-06 (only a change in condition tag).

207: In the concurrent_statement syntax clause, the initial bar before process_statement must be removed - Overlooked from LCS 201x-03. Fixed.

208: Need empty line between the two productions - Fixed.
208: See LCS 201x-03 - Fixed.

224: See LCS 201x-03 - Fixed.

246: Typo - Fixed. Change should be also done in 1076-201x.

270: This text is part of 1076 and should not have the 1076.1 condition tag - Fixed.

275: See LCS 201x-14 - Fixed.

277: n and c should be subscripts, not and after should be bold - Fixed.

283 (and other places): This page seems superfluous - This is coming from the conditional generation of 1076-201x text in FM. I'm still looking for a way to remove these pages automatically. In the worst case, I'll remove them manually when needed.

298: See LCS 201x-10 - Fixed.

505: 2003 - Fixed. Also to be changed in 1076-201x.
505: Last paragraph - There were two spaces before "The operation of decrypting...". Removed one. Also to be changed in 1076-201x.

506: Cannot find this in LCS 201x-15 - Right. I just wanted to highlight that the example text is using a 9 pt font, while the following code is in 10 pt font. But this is to be possibly fixed in 1076-201x. I removed the reference to the LCS, but kept a comment.

553-581: Here, and in several other places: paragraph reference should be right aligned - Wrong paragraph style fixed.

553: Extraneous empty line - Fixed.

558: These are no longer concurrent statements - Fixed. Syntactic categories are now tagged as P1076-only.

560: Should this be kept here? - No, it should not. Fixed.

563: Keywords in bold. Fixed.

565: Should this be kept here? - No, it should not. Fixed.

566: Spurious empty line - Fixed.
566: These are now subsumed by interface_object_declaration - Removed.

567 (and other places): Subclause reference in bold - Fixed.
567: Spurious empty line - Strange. I do not have it in my FM source. I already noticed that there is a kind of "distribution" of the lines on a page independently of the actual paragraphs.
567: interface_terminal_declaration and interface_quantity_declaration are missing - Fixed.

569: In, the order is different - I changed the order in to match the order in other syntax definitions (terminal first, e.g. in interface_object_declaration).

572: Missing: subprogram_instantiation_declaration, package_declaration, package_body, package_instantiation_declaration - Fixed.
572: These 3 links are broken - Fixed.

577: These links are broken - Fixed.

578: These links are broken - Fixed.

631: See LCS 201x-17 - Fixed.

641: See LCS 201x-23 - Fixed.

672: See LCS 201x-17 - Fixed.


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