P1076 Working Group Status

Updated: 2017-01-17

Current Work Items:

  • Language Change Specifications (LCS)
    • Write / Finalize - on going
      • To complete by mid February.
    • Review - on going
      • To complete by March 1
  • Form balloting group - must be 30 days before ballot
    • Question to IEEE: Can we open it sooner - such as now?
    • Question to IEEE: How long can a ballot group remain open if we have not balloted yet?
  • Edit LRM per LCS
    • From John Willis, Based on current LCS', this will take 6-8 weeks of review and editing.
    • From John Willis, Ready to start editing as soon as receive sources from 1076.1.
  • Review LRM with LCS integrated
    • Need a copy of the LRM that is:
      • A clean ballotable copy
      • A review copy with LCS number annotated so we can verify all the changes
  • Review LRM with IEEE staff for the Mandatory Editorial Coordination MEC
    • Question to IEEE: Does this occur before, concurrent with, or after balloting?
  • Ballot start. April.
    • Stan estimates balloting to take 3 months
    • Ballot 1:
      • Question to IEEE: Is this 30 or 60 days?
    • Prepare ballot responses
      • Question to IEEE: How soon after balloting can we start the re-ballot?
    • Ballot 2: days?
      • Question to IEEE: Is this only 30 days?
  • Finalize LRM with final review by IEEE staff
    • Question to IEEE: How long should we allow for this?
  • Submit draft to RevCom before October 16 to make December RevCom meeting

Completed Work Items:


  • Continue working on requirements
  • Select high ranked requirements for addition to the next standard
  • Detailed review of high ranked proposals
  • Write LRM edits
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