Package Updates for VHDL-2017

Proposal Information

  • Who Updates: DavidBishop, JimLewis, ...
  • Date Proposed: 2016-05-19
  • Date Last Updated: 2016-05-19
  • Priority:
  • Complexity:
  • Focus: Testbench

Proposal List

Link to proposals: Copied from Vhdl2019CollectedRequirements on 2016-05-19

Change Proposals for IEEE Packages

Item Who Status Last Modified Description Supporters Priority
Real Matrix Math Package DavidBishop REVIEW   Matrix Math User's Guide (pdf)
Packages (zip)
Must Do
Fixed point Algorithmic User's Guide (pdf) DavidBishop REVIEW   Package (zip)  
Floating point Algorithmic User's Guide (pdf) DavidBishop REVIEW   Package (zip)  
numeric_std, fixed and float bugs and consistency updates DavidBishop     Bug fixes and consistency updates for numeric_std, fixed_generic_pkg.vhd, and float_generic_pkg.vhd  
File IO / TextIO updates JimLewis -   -  
2008 Boolean Write JimLewis        
Read differences of bit_vector and std_logic_vector JimLewis        
to_integer and to_integer_vector JimLewis -   -  
Updates to standard packages RyanHinton RFC   Additions to standard, std_logic_1164, numeric_std, math_real, math_complex, and fixed_pkg  
Package Name Case Sensitivity JimLewis        
Update std_logic_arith JimLewis     Update std_logic_arith to simplify interoperability with numeric_std  

Links to updated packages

to be provided by David Bishop

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