Active IR List from VHDL-2008

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IRs accepted for consideration in VHDL-201X

These items have been forwarded from ISAC requests to be considered for the next language revision.

IR # BugZ# Link to Proposal Problem to Solve Description Notes
2109 - Enhance Interface / Com Semaphore with protected types  
2033 - Enhance   Incremental operator and auto subtype boundary wrap  
2108 - WaitLevel Testbench Sync Level sensitive check - A "wait" that checks condition before stopping Referred to in: Wait with a repeat count
2003 - MultiCyclePath   Specification of multi-cycle paths to synthesis tool w/o creating registers.
Jim Lewis: During meeting how in general specify this and perhaps capture false paths as well and simulate them
2113 - ReadRom General Init ROM / Array data structure with a file - syntax or library (types + std subprogs)  
2119 - DeferredSharedVariables Interface / Com Can't declare a protected type and object of that type in a single package  
2121 275 Partially Connected Vectors in Port Map General Allow for vectors to have assigns and opens in the port map  
2125 - Std_ulogic, Resolved, and '-' Interface / Com Resolution of '-' and 'Z' is 'X", ok for RTL, but bad for testbenches?  
2007 - BidirectionalConnections   VHDL needs to be enhanced to allow the modeling of switches. (forward to VHDL-AMS?)  
2009 - ConditionalCompilation   New std package, containing tool and vendor identification information
Needs to be considered in conjunction with conditional compilation. May need to be precompiler directives
2011 - ComponentDerivedFromEntity   Syntax that creates a component declaration from an entity decalaration and puts it into a specified package  
2012 - UniqueCondition   Wants to remove the priority from if-elsif-elsif structures under some conditions. Proposes: "if elsor elsor".  
2021 - DynamicRewiring   Dynamic hardware construct  
2025   ConditionalCompilation   "Generate" for sequential code (c.f. ConditionalCompilation)  
2106   ConditionalCompilation   Desire preprocessor (macro/ifdef) support in VHDL  
2034 - ClockedShorthand   Introduce history attribute on signals to auto infer registers  
2035 - ClockedShorthand   new function "stages" automates pipelining  
2041   Partiallyconnectedvectorsonportmap   Allow composite port subelements to be left open.  
2060   Truth Tables   Include truth table for multi-input/multi-output logic.  
2072   Operations on Ranges   Allow static operations on "ranges"  
2089   Interfaces Interfaces Directional records  
2100   Operators Overloading for Protected Types  

Operator overloading for protected type methods

2076   Record Member Attribute   A member attribute for records.  
2065   Relaxed Others Aggregate   OTHERS in aggregates too restrictive  
2067   Interfaces   Enhancement: Logical link interface abstraction  
2103   DynamicRewiring   Dynamic/run-time creation and destruction of components and connectivity  
2130 239 Overload Assignment   Ability to overload the assignment operator := would be useful Concerns
2132 240 FunctionKnowsVectorSize   Method to allow functions that return arrays to have knowledge of the target attributes  
  295 RemoveConfigurationLibraryRequirement   Allow configurations for entities not in the same library  
  294 Force and Out Ports   Force of an out port using mode is improperly defined  
  293 Alternate Path Name   Issue with path_name and instance_name wrt VHDL-2008 generate labels  
  292 ConfigureDirectInstantiation   Configure Architecture of Direct Entity Instantiation  
  291 Composites of Protected Types   Allow composites to have elements that are protected types.  
  290 Method Parameters that are Access Types  

Allow method parameters to be of an access type.

  289 Fix2008ContextClause   Context declaration requirements are not uniform  
  288 New Bit Literal Rules   Bit string literals not correctly defined  
  287 Process all and global signals   process(all) non-parameter signal read error should be errorenous  
  286 Fix2008LRM7321   incremental binding example is illegal  
  285 Boolean TEXTIO Write   textio write[line,boolean...] is not backward compatible across language versions  
  284 Fixed + Float Pkg updates   Sizing rules for fixed point reciprocal are wrong  
  282 Package Name Capitalization   Give IEEE package names consistency capitalization  
  281 Fixed + Float Pkg updates   Discrepancies between float_generic_pkg.vhdl and float_generic_pkg-body.vhdl (unresolved_unsigned vs unsigned)  
  278 280 Precedence of Unary Logical Operations   Clarify precedence of logic reduction operators  
  277 Read of bit_vector vs. std_ulogic_vector   Read of bit_vector and std_ulogic_vector differ slightly.  
  276 StopReadOnTrailingUnderscore   '_' at the end of hex and octal reads  
  259 User-Defined Attributes May Not Redefine Predefined Attributes   attribute declaration with same designator as a predefined attribute  

IRs for 1076.6

IR # BugZ# Status Responsible Description Notes
2114 -     1076.6-2004 section 8.6.5 Slice names is too restrictive.  
2066       Support multidimensional arrays in IEEE Std 1076.6-2004  

IRs Rejected

IR # BugZ# Status Date Description Notes
2027 - Reject Aug 29, 2013 When loop index is static, drivers are created for each element of array  
2131 233 Reject Email Vhpi_user.h requires enum types contents update/completion Information available in parent.
2026 - Reject Aug 7, 2014 Upward propagating parameters VHDL-2008 introduces external names to constants (including generics) that addresses this request. Hence, out generics would be a redundant feature
  283 Reject May 1, 2014 ?/= function in float_generic_pkg can give wrong answer Resolved as Invalid

IRs Completed in VHDL-2008 by either Accellera VHDL WG or VASG

IR # BugZ# Status Responsible Description Notes
2005 - Done   sla operator behavior does not match typical hardware behavior
Base language did not change. Instead it is fixed in packages. It is overloaded in numeric_bit_unsigned for bit vector. For std_logic_vector is not be defined unless numeric_std_unsigned is included.
2117 - Done   Block comment is not there in vhdl  
2118 - Done, Duplicate   Typo in 9.2 Note 2  
2006 - Done   "else" in "if generate"?  
2014 - Done   Allowance of the keyword "all" in place of a sensitivity list is desirable  
2015 - Done   Generics should be able to incorporate other generics  
2016 - Done, Duplicate   Allowance of the keyword "all" in place of a sensitivity list is desirable  
2017 - Done, Duplicate   Generics should be able to incorporate other generics  
2019 - Done   Reading outputs from within architecture  
2022 - Done   Elements of constant composite to be locally static  
2024 - Done   VHDL needs encryption support

2046   Done   AKA Type Generics: Type independent ports and subprogram parameters  
2088   Done   Formatted I/O  
2054   Superceded   Individual assoc. rules for array formal are not valid  
2063 ? 42 Forwarded   Unconstrained array formals should not get subtype from actuals  

IRs Completed in VHDL-2008 by ISAC

IR # BugZ# Description Notes
1000   Accumulated typographical and terminology errors.  
1044   Definition of 'HIGH and 'LOW in a null range  
1070   VPI Issue 14 -- Prefixes in USE clauses  
2000   Where may/must deferred constant declaration appear  
2001   Resize not working in numeric_std.vhd (1076.3  
2002   Resize(R.2) function in numeric_std.vhd does improper array length check  
2004   Definition of SLA doesn't make sense  
2008   Source value of undriven, non-sourced INOUT, OUT or BUFFER port  
2010   The description of type/subtype relationship could be better  
2013   Exact subtype "matching" for port associations  
2018   Variable IN parameter should be no different than constant  
2020   Keyword REPORT is over-used  
2023   Add predefined array types for integer, boolean, real and time  
2028   Clarify simulation cycle.  
2029   Non-relevant words and paragraph.  
2030   What signature does a method have  
2031   "mod" function needed for TIME  
2032 2032.1   Function "now" is not pure  
2036   protected_type_declarative_item includes subprogram_specification  
2037   Typo wrt now in the index  
2038   Minor semantic errors  
2039   Minor typos  
2040   Problems with OTHERS in aggregates  
2042   Architecture as a block causes problems  
2043   Numeric VALUE attribute parameter can't have sign  
2044   Deprecation of linkage ports affects boundary scan description language  
2045   Add the ability to comment an entire block of code  
2047   Backslash in extended identifiers  
2048   Miscellaneous errors  
2049   Circular definition of an event on a signal  
2050   Definition of S'Last_Value was apparently broken in 1993  
2051   Path_name and instance_name do not allow for protected types  
2052   Path_name and instance_name don't deal with operator symbols  
2053   Minor Typos in VHDL 2002 part 2  
2055   Prohibition on assignment of protected types not normative  
2056   Can an attribute name that denotes a function be used where a name is required?  
2057   Access-typed parameters to predefined "=" and "/="  
2058   Does USE of type name make operators and literals visible?  
2059   Upper/lower case character mapping is not clear  
2061   Default actions on severity flags is different between simulators  
2062   Range staticness  
2064   Type conversion of unconstrained output in a port map  
2068   Entity instantiation with space before the entity name  
2069   Visibility of generics in block configurations  
2070   Support for floating point denormal numbers  
2071   Indexed name in case expression  
2073   Index constraints and discrete range conversions from universal_integer  
2074   Problem with direct/select visibility in formal part  
2075   Arrays with numeric and enumeration index types are not closely related  
2077   Incorrect wording on some language constructs  
2078   Allow attribute declaration/specification in package body  
2079   Is TIME a locally static type?  
2080   Case expression should include parenthesized expression  
2081   The term ancestor is used where parent is meant  
2082   Elaboration of unconstrained interface objects  
2083   Generate index specification should be of same subtype as generate parameter  
2084   A record "element" is not called a "field"  
2085   What happens when a parameter of mode out is not assigned in a procedure?  
2086   Incorrect description of type mark in disconnection specification  
2087   Ambiguous rule for type of an alias declaration  
2090   Signature in alias declaration for "not" wrong  
2091   Translation between std_logic_vector based types and std_ulogic_vector  
2092   Type conversions don't allow for null arrays  
2093   Static type conversions and qualified expressions  
2094   Attribute specifications of overloaded subprograms is limited  
2095   What is the entity class of an enumeration literal?  
2096   Error is ambiguous  
2097   Operations with Array aggregates  
2098   Ambiguity in definition of T'VAL for Physical types  
2099   Alias declarations introduce homographs  
2101   Type conversion - implicit refers to section 8.1.2 which doesn't exist  
2104   Using a configuration to leave a design unbound  
2105   Can't declare an alias of a character literal without using expanded name  
2107   Editorial process dropped a \ from extended identifier example  
2111   Unknown term used: selector  
2115   Binding specification should be binding indication  
2116   What is the direction of std_logic_vector & '0'  
2120   How to access objects in higher level nested protected type  
2122   Protected method has implied object parameter?  
2123   Process resumption and callbacks  
2124   Ordering of process execution and callbacks  
2126   Concatenation ambiguity  
2127   Possible LRM interpretation pitfall related to the predefined STANDARD package  
2128   Shared Variable declarations in generate?  
2129   Bad requirements to check exprs with access type sub exprs  
2110   Implicit subtype conversions not defined  
2112   Can attributes be applied to a signal on the entity within the architecture for that entity?  
2102   Duplicate: Typo in Section 3.2.1. Example  

Original Active IR list dated 18 June 2008

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