P1076 November 10, 2011 Meeting Minutes




DPI- Peter Flake

  • Support the Accellera SCE_MI interface to hardware emulators.
  • VHDL to C calls seem straight forward
  • C to VHDL may be challenging.
    • Easiest approach would be to limit C to calling only items in VHDL packages.
    • Is this a reasonable restriction?

Functional Coverage Updates - Jim Lewis

  • The Functional Coverage data structure now supports coverage goals and weights
  • It includes methods that return number of holes, return is covered (true if holes = 0), return the nth hole, randomly selects one of the holes and returns that.
  • Updated documentation is now available through the links.

Left Over Items from Accellera

  • Interfaces
    • FT-17-1: Interfaces for tb
    • FT-17-3: Interfaces for RTL
  • N-010-1: -- David to further research this.
    • ?abs and add sign bit with type conversion built in?
    • From the old numeric packges page:
      • 1) Add functions "add_sign" and "remove_sign" to convert between SIGNED and UNSIGNED types. "add_sign" would add a '0' sign bit and increase the vector by 1 bit. "remove_sign" would do an "abs" and remove the sign bit, shrinking the vector by 1 bit.
  • Functional Coverage - Jim to incorporate this into FC proposal requirements
    • SAB-5
  • Randomization Issues - Jim to incorporate this into randomization requirements
    • SAB-3,
    • SAB-4
    • TBV-13
    • TBV-16
  • Data Structures: - Need to start a data structure requirements either single or combined.
    • TBV-10: Associative Arrays
    • TBV-17: Memories (loading and dumping memories)

Old Items from VHDL-200X TBV

  • TBV4: Queues/FIFOS - in order Scoreboard
  • TBV2: Associative Arrays - Out of order scoreboards
    • Keys
    • Dynamically Add
    • Dynamically Remove
    • constant time access - efficiency - hash table of keys - use a pointer
  • TBV3: Fork and Join - already on list and assigned to Peter Flake
    • Dynamic Processes - Dynamic connect and disconnect of signals?
    • Need use cases.

Action Items:

  • Jim: Add a meeting Intent to attend so we can get a feeling for who may attend.

Next Meeting Dates:

Thursday December 1, 8 am Pacific

Thursday December 15, 8 am Pacific

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