P1076 January 26, 2012 Meeting Minutes



  • Approve Jan 5 meeting minutes: Motion Jerry 2nd Peter
  • Look-Up Table
  • DPI

Fixed and Floating Packages: Look-Up Table

  • New fixed and float packages to implement functions such sin, log, ... from math real
  • 3 versions of implementations
    • Use math real
    • Use equation and stay in fixed/float
    • Use look up table
  • Tested all 3 in synthesis
    • Equation work to avoid division
    • Look up table work to minimize size of ROM
  • Division of long number - look up table of reciprocal
  • Proposed additions to fixed_generic_pkg and float_generic_pkg
    • floor - integer closest to 0
    • Ceil -
    • Precision - number of bits to keep in the fraction
  • AI: David to add documentation linked through the Collected Requirements list


  • Proposal on TWIKI progressing
  • Issue from John Shields: Types like natural cannot be differentiated from integer on subprogram calls
  • Review of current proposal on Collected Requirements
  • Can the C side of DPI see updates on signals? no
    • Everything on the DPI side is as if it were passed by value
  • Important that the C code is reentrant
  • Peter to update per issues in discussion


  • Jerry and John: Working on syncing up with IEEE P1735

Next Meeting Date (proposed):

Thursday February 16, 8 am Pacific

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